Best pizza in Fayetteville?

Best pizza in town?

It depends on what you’re wanting.

For higher end, wood-fired pizza, the best is MJ’s in Springdale or WoodStone. Tim’s East is also a great place to dine in.

For a quick call-in or delivery my favorite is Jim’s Razorback.

I don’t care for MJ’s. Pricey and average.

I like Gusanos crust. Papa Johns is best delivery.

I do know people who like MJs but just be warned it’s over priced for pizza.

Thanks very much.

I kinda like the Mellow Mushroom when I’m up there.

And - yes - I’m talking about the Pizza place.

I like Woodstone when I am up that way. Some good specialty pizzas and some good local craft beer on tap.

I like Tim’s.


Whatever happened to Kings Pizza???

At one time they had outstanding pizza.


Best pizza I’ve had anywhere is TJ’s in Siloam Springs

I am sure that is further than you want to go.

TJs is very good.

The Guido’s in Tontitown has always been a favorite of mine. It’s a lot different than the other Guido’s in town, too.

I once ate at a place called Guido’s in Moses Lake Washington. I thought it was the best pizza I had ever eaten. Is this a chain?

Don’t have a clue about Fayetteville, but the best pizza in South Florida is Pizza Panz in Lake Worth…

The Guido’s in Northwest Arkansas are family businesses, not chains.

Peddler’s Pub in Bentonville is good.

Clay how much did Peyton pay you to post that? :wink: I will say this for PJ’s: It is definitely superior to Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

Tim’s Pizza on the square…best pizza ever for me! It is a must stop every time I am in town and never miss it. Love me some Tim’s International and I love their crust. Plus I can pick up some craft brews from next door from Ozark Mountain Brewery. Got to also have a super salad with extra canandian bacon and a whole lot of side cups of ranch to dip my crust in…haha. Yeah, I have eaten there a ton you could say - since I was a kid!



Whatever happened to Kings Pizza???

At one time they had outstanding pizza.

[/quote]First pizza I ever ate in Fayetteville. That was quite a while ago. Great pizza at the time.

miss the old "Bull’s Eye Pub"that used to be on Dickson in the late 70s-early 80s.good pizza;cold beer;good sandwiches ;and competitive darts(both for fun and league play)matter of fact…could probably do a whole thread on eating/drinking places that are still around or gone from one’s time in Fayetteville…best part of life prior to meeting the wife at work…

Will have to try this. My fav in S. Fla is probably Capone’s on Hollywood Beach or Anthony’s Coal Fired.

I lived in NWA for 15 years before moving to S. Fla and never thought any of the pizza was particularly noteworthy. Favorite was probably US Pizza, but that was only because they made a Mexican chicken pizza with Rotel in the sauce. That was always pretty good.