Best PC ever

Perfect. Loved it. No corporate bull crud. No marketing slogans. Passion. Loved it. Perfect.

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Agree 100%

It was great, loved it.

Until HY said 5 Million assistant salary pool. That’s a joke

I’m so depressed by the lack of clever euphemisms, I’m getting out the left lane and onto the shoulder. I’m gonna full tilt boogie me a joint and get hammered down.


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Loved the pressor and what he had to say…loved it! Incredibly passionate and WANTED to be here!

Loved it too! Loved his humble spirit. He’ll make a great leader. Confident the team will play for him. There will be ups and downs, but the program just took the first step in the right direction. Glad we’re past the search now and can move forward.

I am going to look around again later after I write a couple of stories, but it is the same as Ole Miss is giving Kiffin and more than Missouri is giving Drink.

Maybe it changes if Coach Morris lands at Auburn or somewhere else.

But they don’t have a money printing press up here.

It don’t take a money printing press to land the Head Coach that wanted the job! I’m happy we have him!
I also liked the no fancy slogan part of it all! Just time to go to work.

300k less than kiffin on top of 900k less salary. 1.2 total difference. He also gets 2.2 M for support staff, will we get that?

Drink got a crazy 4M , can’t believe they spent that, and idk what their staff budget is, but it should be expected to be lowers than ours no matter what.

I’m just shocked more than anything. Seems like we all were really thinking we’d get some solid assistant money pool, not lower tier SEC money. Especially when we just got a huge discount as far as HC salary goes

I’m sure he’ll get some good hires though

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I have no doubt in my mind that HY would approve more if need be. He understands how important getting good coordinators/assistants is in this hire.