Best path to the FF that I have seen on a bracket

Is from @Bracketguy

Princeton (13), Houston (5), Gonzaga (1), Purdue (2).

Gonzaga is a monster, but I think I would take our odds in the other 3 games.

Texas Tech is the 3 in that bracket, who I would bet would knock off Purdue setting up a huge rematch with the Red Raiders for a trip to the Final Four

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That’s not @bracketguy. That’s @bracketguyDave, who is one of the most respected bracketologists (he’s in the top 10 in the Bracket Matrix five-year rankings for being close to what the committee decides). Houston would be a tough second round game. They haven’t beaten anybody, but they’ll absolutely pound you on the glass.

FWIW, I looked up the bracket for the #1 guy in the Matrix rankings, who calls himself Crazy Sports Dude. CSD has us as the 4 in the West also, with South Dakota State in the first round, Saint Mary’s in the second, Zags in the Sweet 16 and TTech/Villanova likely in the regional final.

2020 NCAA Tournament?

I would gladly avoid playing Houston, Texas tech, or Saint Mary’s and Gonzaga in a west coast venue. Not sure where those regional locations are but surely they won’t ship us out the pacific coast? On the upside muss likes it out there

Princeton just got beat, so they won’t be in the tournament.

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