Best on Offense & Defense

At home recovering from COVID with time to kill … so:

Best Offensive 5 -

Best Defensive 5 -

Subject to change as NSJ rounds into game shape …

I would like to see TB improve his help defense … AB and Devo were beat off the dribble a couple times by Moore from SJSU with TB in position to challenge the shot, but TB chose to stay with his man allowing layups both times … I bet Muss fixes that in practice this week


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Get well, Lisa has had the flu the last few day but she has a great nurse…me!

Get well soon!

I have seen the TB situations a few times also with The 4th and one of the twins. This is a reoccurring deal, that needs to be fixed.

TB needs to be more physical in general but don’t think that’s his game, a bit more physical would be a development. And speaking of development, his face up drive game from out top and the wing is developing nicely!

Looking at both of your teams, don’t disagree at all, but geez he has so many combos too, that can bring a great mix.

The only thing he can’t do with this team is play small ball, but he can put a mean G/F team out there and can definitely go big. Only reason he can’t play small ball is his G’s are all giant.:joy:

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Wax, Gas and PJ best on offense in the Basketball Insider Board! Need a couple more. Possibly Swine and Wiz?
As for defense…Clay and the outstanding WHS Staff.
UA…Campus of Champions

The only weakness I see with AB on defense is he “Chases” to much. I think he probably got away with that in high school as he could block shots of smaller players from behind. He has given up quite a few layups himself due to this. If that is his only “weakness” I will take it though!

Good point. Defense is much tougher on the knees than offense. You’re reactive on D and proactive on O. Mentally, you have to have 100% trust in your knee with zero thought about twisting it when you’re on defense. That’s nearly impossible the first few games back from injury. You give yourself notice on offense since you know where you are going.

Another excellent take. Those who have played basketball can definitely relate to that.

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How is Christie? Recall she felt bad on your last day and didn’t golf, so hope in a weakened state you didn’t give it to her.

Do I recall you telling us you had all your vaccinations and boosters? If you did, then Jan and I, and Gas and Ms Gas, and Jim and Pam are walking time bombs, as well as those “guys” you entertained at the Cabana.

Hope you are well soon with no complications.

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We have had no problem s

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