Best offensive and defensive 5

In an ideal world, these would be the same 5 guys but that is almost never the case. Some of this of course depends on match ups, but I would say

Offense: Black, Smith, Council, Graham, Makhel

Defense: Black, Devo, Council, Walsh, Makhi

Is council a better defender than nsj? I’m not sure. We will see. I think Nick is a better rebounder.

The real issue which players have give you the best flow on offense and can defend.
Devo, Balck, Walsh, Smith and Mitchell. 15 or 22.

Council is a wild wire. Both on offense and defense.
Graham can be special on offense and fail to show up in defense.
That’s the top 8 on the roster.


The hooplens stats that Scottie Posted in the Nick’s Importance thread shows clearly that we are way better defensively with Nick on the floor than the other lineups combined. You would need more hooplens stats say the ones with Council on the floor to be sure that Nick is better than Council defensively. From just that one snapshot I’d bet that he probably is.


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I wonder if Clay can remember the first Razorback he met.

Defensive sample size for Nick at this point is small. He has definitely looked better on defense the last couple of games than he did during his stint of playing earlier. He seems to have better lateral quickness and is not getting beat of the dribble like before, obviously due to greater confidence in the knee.

I would say Council is a more versatile defender as he is taller (6-6 vs. 6-5), more explosive, and generally bigger/stronger (205 vs. 185).

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Clay has been around the Hogs since birth!

Basketball it was Pat Foster. Football it was Tommy Trantham.

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