Best of Morris Highlights

That should not take over 20 minutes. Off the top of my head I can think of about 3 plays I’d care to see again. O’Grady’s catch and run TD vs Colorado State was as good as it was going to get for C.J. and Chad. Nothing good happened with either after that. A few long TD runs by R. Boyd and that’s about it.

The best highlight was him leaving! He only installed 20% of his offense and he never was able to get the team to play for him or each other!

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LOL! Aw c’mon Army. Don’t you wanna go inside the locker room after that program changing win over CSU and relive the glory of Club Dub?

Sadly, it seemed that our Hogs showed up in far too many shots of opposing players draft highlight films. Not to focus on the dismal last two seasons, but I hope that our new defensive staff will decrease the seemingly endless times of being out of position and taking poor pursuit angles and an increase in energy and relentless effort in getting back into plays.

The humor in this linked article of September 2018 turned out to be prophetic unfortunately for us all.

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One of the very few posts that 99.9% of members would agree with!

Club Dub celebrating winning a game against Colorado State! What a darn joke. That was just stupid! A lot of fans disliked Houston Nutt but he could get players up for a game. Of course he did get beat in some head scratchers. Chad Morris was in way over his head. His tactics of degrading the current players when he got the the job was his most galling mistake.

Doing Club Dub and going out and losing to San Jose State the next week just kills me😂

God Chad looked like a moron. Ty Clary and Grant Morgan talking noise about San Jose State only to get humiliate themselves gets me too😂

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