Best news of the day

Leach has extended at WSU. He’s not coming to Fayetteville.

Thank goodness.

Sláinte! Prost! Cheers!
Think I’ll have a brew.

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Great coach. Would be a good choice for UA.

This seems to indicate he is not going anywhere despite heavy interest in our job…telling me we have options that we feel are 100% “yes.”

I am not foolish enough to put all my eggs in one basket. I liked having a high-quality option available, even if Leach is a bit of a maverick.

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I’d tend to agree, but we waited on Malzahn to our detriment two years ago when a whole bunch of the powers that be thought he was 100% yes. Prospective coaches can change their mind & they can play us. Not saying that’s happening, just saying I don’t want to get too sure just yet.

When you see stuff like this happening you know the choice has been made. I think it’s Kiffin signed sealed and soon to be delivered.

This. Scares me to death. Now, I didn’t want Leach, but I sure hope we don’t have a repeat of 2 years ago.

Two years ago…nothing to do w HY.
“In HY we TRUST”