Best MLB player ever from Arkansas?

Ran across one of those clickbait lists of the best MLB player born in each state. I didn’t go through all 50 states, but I thought some of their choices were interesting. The best MLB player from Alabama wasn’t Hank Aaron, but that’s only because Willie Mays was also born in Alabama. And the best player from California was Ted Williams, over seemingly millions of others including Joe DiMaggio and Barry Bonds.

The best from Arkansas? I happen to agree with their choice, but there’s certainly room for debate. Who do you think it was, or who should it have been?

Bill Dickey

  1. Brooks Robinson
  2. George Kell

Dizzy Dean - probably hands down

Bill Dickey was born in Bastrop, Louisiana, so he doesn’t count for purposes of this list. His younger brother Skeets, who isn’t in the Hall of Fame, was born in Arkansas.

By the way, only six people enshrined in Cooperstown were born in Arkansas.

EDIT: I was very surprised to find that Virginia, with a population much greater than Arkansas, has only five HOF players, and four of those were from the Negro League. Only one native Virginian actually reached Cooperstown through MLB. There are 329 people in the Hall, and not all of them were born in the US, so the average state is going to have about 6-point-something HOF members. California has 26, which I’m sure is the largest contingent. Texas has 17. Louisiana has only five, including Bill Dickey.

maybe Lou Brock

Interesting topic and can’t go wrong with any of the names mentioned. One guy I will throw into the mix is Tori Hunter.

He is the Arkansas born career leader in HR, RBIs, doubles and was a 9 time GG winner.

I found one published by CBS Sports. It lists the best player and then three runners-up. I agree with the best - Brooks Robinson. The three runners-up - Arky Vaughn, Willie Davis, Torii Hunter.

It’s as though they aren’t counting Lou Brock as being born in El Dorado. His stats are better than Willie Davis almost across the board. Torii Hunter and Arky Vaughn stand up pretty well based on stats. George Kell and Travis Jackson could also easily be included in the top 4 or 5 players.

Dizzy Dean is mentioned by a poster in this thread. Dizzy is the only HOF pitcher from Arkansas… other notables are A.J. Burnett, Lon Warneke, and Cliff Lee.

Hope this doesn’t spoil your “quiz” Swine. The one you found may be different and I was just surprised to see Willie Davis included in the top 4. It’s a fun topic.

I typed Lou Brock last night. But apparently did not hit send.

Donnie Kessinger is another good one, although not quite in class of others.

I interviewed Arky Vaughn in his home near Greenbriar about 1976. Neat guy. He was very humble and kind to a young reporter.

Been around some of the others in this thread like Brooks Robinson, George Kell and Bill Dickey. Never met Brock.

Clay did you ever talk to Paul “Daffy” Dean? I read where he retired to and passed away in Springdale. I grew up there, but never realized he lived around these parts. … 353739600/

Brooks Robinson, with his 16 gold gloves.

Brooks Robinson.

I didn’t just name my now 28-year-old son after him because he was just okay.

My favorite player growing up, so I’ll say Brooks. Also, I met him a couple times and watched many of his games in person in Baltimore. He played on some great, great teams. I always played to a jersey #5 too, which is also my birthday.

Unfortunately, it’s hard not to say Dizzy’s not the best, but Brooksy was special to me.

I’d say if the list the OP referenced didn’t have Brooks or Brock as #1, they have it wrong. Those 2 players, I believe, are Arkansas’ only first ballot hall of famers.

I’ll take Lou Brock.

The survey I clicked had (drumroll)

Brooks Robinson

Went back later last night and found a second version of the same list. Brooks was our rep on that one too. But right after us alphabetically the California representative on this one was Barry Bonds.

The six HOF from Arkansas in order of induction:
Dizzy Dean
Travis Jackson
George Kell
Brooks Robinson
Lou Brock
Arky Vaughan

Just saw this thread and my first gut answer was Brooks Robinson. It would be cool to see the history and story about ALL of our Ark HOF’s.

Brooks! Growing up in Little Rock in the 1970’s it was like a dream to play American Legion Games at Lamar Porter Field and think that the great Brooks Robinson had played on this same field.

Brooks Robinson