Best line I read on an LSU board in a long time

“A lot easier to make that call up 2 and you have a cheat code waiting in the bullpen.”

They were discussing DVH vs PM on pulling a starting pitcher at the right moment. Complaining that PM waited to long and DVH did it at the perfect moment.

I got a real kick when I realized they were referring to Kopps as a “cheat code”.

For those that are not old time gamers, a cheat code was a trigger to make a character unbeatable within a normal game setting. Generally programmed in there so game testers could test various aspects of the game and forgotten to be removed.

Kopps certainly has been performing like a human baseball cheat code lately. His walk-up song should be MC Hammer - You Can’t Touch This


That fits well when it comes to how Kopps has performed on the mound.
It would be nice to sweep the Double Header today and leave LSU on the dust.

The LSU crowd started leaking air when Wallace made that beautiful catch in right field and in spite of their guy throwing a no hitter through six, they all knew the spiked shoe was going to drop. So, this is how Bama fans feel in football.


I’ve seen tweets from a guy who has used the phrase ‘Call the Kopps’. I think a good walk-up song would be a police siren.

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