Best indoor track programs

Hawgs at top , SEC well represented. Hadn’t paid attention to the Mizzou Program!

Is this for current time Or in History?

Both I must say!

The title on the chart says All Time

OK, just read the headline.

One omission that stands out for me is UTEP, which was the first school to win the NCAA triple crown – indoor, outdoor and cross country. Other than us and UTEP, I don’t think anyone has ever done the triple. But UTEP hasn’t been good for a while. They were an early adopter of overseas recruiting and won 7 indoor nattys in the 70s and 80s.

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They are in there at #5

You think they should be higher?

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Oops. Completely missed them. And yeah, maybe they should be higher. LSU only has two titles, Florida has 5, Oregon has 5. We have 20.

And is this just a listing for men, combined?

As far as I know. I went back and looked at his Twitter feed. He said Hog fans had been begging him to do that ranking.

IIRC we and UTEP or Texas Western as it once was, both had the same coach at a different time of course.

UTEP’s success (and it came after the Texas Western days) was under Ted Banks. Banks was never here.

Banks retired in 1981. His successor won the title the next year, and John McDonnell won our first title in 1984 – and 16 of the next 17.

The only real connection I can think of between any of our programs and UTEP is, of course, Nolan, who played for Texas Western. David Lee was their football HC for five seasons before he worked for HDN on two different occasions, but he wasn’t ever our HC.

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The SWC was always a terrific track conference. Out of the 9 schools that it consisted of in its final 15 years before we left, 6 are on this list, and I think a case could be made for TCU

I remember when UTEP was great, but some reason thought coach Mac had been there also, which is not correct of course.

I think we were Coach Mac’s first and only college job. Seems like he was teaching Driver’s Ed in High School along with coaching?

Coach, was at Greenland High School when Frank hired him, if I remember correctly

I believe Coach Mac was a shop teacher at Greenland High School. JFB hired him to coach men’s XC as an after-school gig.

McDonnell came to Arkansas to be the cross country coach for the Razorbacks. He taught the shop class at Greenland High to supplement his small income as the cross country coach. He had taught and coached high school in Lafayette, La., prior to moving to Arkansas.

Yep, ,John ran for what was then USL in Lafayette (now La-Lafayette). I think he was also a TV cameraman in New York for a while.

That’s correct. One of his gigs as a cameraman was to record the Mets games at Shea Stadium.

Is the ranking based solely on team performances or also individual event wins? LSU usually have more individual winners than others.