Best downtown St. Louis sport bars?

Good food, good selection of craft beers and LOTs of TV is a must.

We’ll be there Sept 16.

Try Flying Saucer. It’s on Spruce Street, 2 blocks from the stadium. Not as many TVs as draft beers, but a neat spot. Also, Paddy O’s is a couple of blocks away. Ballpark village is next to the stadium. Plenty of TVs, but extremely crowded.

I’ve had a hard time finding craft beers in the downtown area because of the Budweiser influence up there. Ballpark Village has all the TVs you could want but it’s a limited beer selection.

Ballpark Village

great steak restaurant owned by former Cardinal, OShannahans or something like that, then can walk to the game.

After games, Paddy-0’s is lots of fun


Brewhouse Historical Sports Bar in the Hyatt Regency is a good one. It’s downtown near the arch and the stadium. Ballpark Village is a lot of fun, but you won’t find many craft brews there. … tsBar.html

Shannons is no longer in business thanks to BPV

Ballpark Village.

I might be sort of an expert on this.

Agree with everyone on Ballpark Village. Great place for food and drinks (and people watching). As folks have said, not much available on the craft beer side, but I’m a die-hard Budweiser/Bud Light guy anyway so the lack of micro brew choices isn’t a problem.

I found this one the other night. Will keep looking but looks like it maybe the place.

I looked up the BPV and you’re right they are limited on craft beer as expected.