Best defense since 1994-95?


When was the last time the Hog’s defense was as good as it is now playing? It looks very impressive to me. Great quickness, length, well coached, heart and tenacity.


Team history on goes back to the 1996-97 season, and this year’s team has the program’s best defensive efficiency rating – measure of points allowed per 100 possessions – in that span. It is 89.3 entering this weekend. That ranks 10th nationally.

Scottie, how does this years team stack up against last years team?

Last year’s team finished with a defensive efficiency rating of 95.5, and that ranked 57th in the country.

This year’s statistic amazes me, considering how much of the team was replaced in the off season. Has a lot to do with the freshmen, too.

Aloha Scottie,

Thanks for the quick response!

Are their any subjective stats for each individual player to measure their defensive effectiveness? How does Devo, JT, MM, etc…compare to UA greats Corey Beck, Clint McDaniel, etc…

I wonder what would be a top five UA defensive team would look like?

Sidney, Clint, Corey, Jim Counce, Devo, etc…hopefully our forum basketball experts can have a better suggestions than me.



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