Best comparison I can come up with

is the beat down (complete annihilation) that the 94-95 Championship basketball team put on Mizzou that year. Mizzou couldn’t do anything right and the Hogs didn’t do anything wrong in that game. Mizzou went on to have a successful year winning their conference. I think that is the last time I’ve seen that kind of total dominance in a sporting event until yesterday. I still think we can have some success this year although I think there is a lot of parity in the rest of the SEC.


Good comparison.

I read somewhere today on here someone was being texted “our worst first quarter ever” or something like that. I present to you Tennessee 2000 as evidence to the contrary. I mean I get it. It was rough. But they fought even with all the adversity. Self inflicted and otherwise.

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Yes. IIRC, that MU team made it to the elite 8.

Also agree about SEC parity after UGA and Bama. UK beat UF last night. We are as good or better than every team except Bama we have left. Doesn’t mean we will win all those, but I bet we win at least two and maybe 3-4. I could see winning 5 if we stay healthy and get a few timely breaks.


I flashed to Miami 1987 which was actually a bigger wipeout and whooping with an apriori legit Razorback team with aspirations. 51-7 hurt worse.

I think if Coach Smart didn’t like Coach Pittman so much it would have been that bad. They could have put 70 on us yesterday.

It felt that way. The Dawgs had their fill of Hog flesh and licked their chops and smiled at us with satisfaction that they had put us in our place.

They were undefeated in the big 8 that year. I once asked Corey Beck about that game. He agreed that it was a perfect game for the Hogs.


No doubt in my mind that Smart backed off.

The best comparison in my memory is the 70-17 beat down by USC. We were not even close to them talent wise…

Agreence. In much the same way as then, the only thing we can do is try to put it behind us and not let it happen again.

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