Best case scenario for roster for next year

Curious to everyone’s else best case for our roster next year.

Here’s what I would like to see and think would be an NCAA tournament team…

  1. Harris / Javion Hamlet (JUCO) / Hill
  2. Joe / Sills / Embery
  3. Tyson Jolly (JUCO) / Jones
  4. Gabe / Shawn Stith (JUCO) / Bailey
  5. Chaney / Henderson

The only thing about this roster is Henderson is probably our tallest guy, heard he’s 6’9 now. I still think it would work, Stith is a big guy that can play 4 and 5 like Trey Thompson did. We seen from last night, that Chaney’s athleticism allows him to play both spots as well. I was also impressed with Henderson, I think an off-season adding some weight and he’ll be ready to be the primary back-up at the 5 spot. Tyson Jolly is an instant impact guy that will probably be 2nd in scoring behind Joe. Javion Hamlet is a PG that can shoot the ball really well, and he’s experienced. I think he would be the perfect back up PG for us, and gives Hill another year or 2 to get ready.

Salty, but still guard heavy. Be hard to keep that many guards happy.

Be nice to have a true 3.


Salty, but still guard heavy. Be hard to keep that many guards happy.

Be nice to have a true 3.

[/quote] I agree, even though the college game tends to be guard oriented, it would seem we lose something on the boards by playing three guards on a regular basis, and it might be even more pronounced next year, without a true big man.

  1. Harris/ Javion Hamlet (Juco)/ Frenchie/ Hill (walk-on due to being placed on football scholarship)
  2. Joe/ Sills/ Embery
  3. Tyson Jolly (Juco) / Jones
    4.Shawn Stith (Juco) / Gabe/ Henderson
  4. Chaney/ 6’10-7’0 (Grad-Transfer)

With this squad I could really see us making an elite run in the NCAA

I agree with:

  1. Harris/Hill (but I can see Frenchie or Pipkins, Pipkins reminds me of Macon)
  2. Jolly/Sills/Embery-Simpson/Joe/Jones
  3. Joe/Jones/Jolly
  4. Stith/Chaney/Gabe/Henderson
  5. Hawkins/Diawara/Chaney/Henderson

Notice who isn’t listed, there is a reason

A grad transfer would be nice, heard there’s expected to be some the staff is interested in. Also, I’m starting to believe Hill may end up being on football scholarship before it’s all said and done as well.

Bailey doesn’t bother me if he’s the 11th or 12th guy in the rotation next year. We can tell by how his minutes are dropping, that that’s where he’s probably going to end up. Bailey is a good locker room guy, you can tell his teammates love him, always has a smile on his face, and when he’s not pressured to play a lot of minutes, he plays well. I can see him as the 11th guy in the rotation next year probably playing around 5-10 MPG, with some DNPs from time to time.

Only thing I don’t like about that is it is missing Ali. I think he will be on the roster next year.

it concerns me that Arkansas has offered guys they haven’t even seen in person (yet but based on their highlights) and Diawara who they have seen numerous times, and has publicly stated he would commit if offered, yet they haven’t even offered…This tells me that he is not high on our list and for those reasons I prefer we sign a grad transfer, and part of me wants to take Adrio over Gabe because he would be a senior and that would free up two scholarships for 2020 with a grad transfer and adrio leaving after next season…However I now see Gabes value to this team just his desire is reason enough to keep him even if his talent is somewhat lacking he has that roughness you need in certain situations Denise Rodman es

I think Ibby should transfer to Juco and get seasoned for two years then come back to play at Arkansas

I will buy that.

Unless Hill turns in to a 240-pound LB, I don’t see him taking the 29th and final scholarship in the football clsss

He hasn’t even practice once during spring practice

I know you don’t like him at all - for whatever reason - but that seems to be just your own wishful thinking

No need to waste his redshirt go to Holmes CC get seasoned and help us down the road to run the league again and show Kentucky who’s really the basketball palace of the SEC… Ibby has intangibles and could blossom even if he’s a late bloomer

He had one power 6 basketball scholarship and he received that when he was like a sophomore in highschool…. That is troubling in and of it’s self…I see Justice as a stronger Jalen Harris I think he possibly has good basketball iq but I don’t believe he is a scoring threat and he lacks that it, make you pay off the dribble drive, that guards need to play the game at a high level! to me he looks like an athlete playing basketball moreso than a basketball player balling out… I feel he could be an elite slot receiver or cornerback but not an elite point guard though I could be wrong and would welcome being wrong if it means he would help lead us to a championship

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I like Justice Hill a lot as a football and basketball player. I just know he wants to play football as well. To play football and basketball he has to be on football scholarship right? Also, it’s still possible you get transfers or a guys leave/removed from the football team before next school year, that could open a spot and give him that opportunity. I think most of us are just putting hypothetical scenario’s out there, a lot can change in the next few months. I don’t think many of us thought a few months ago we’d be talking about CMA possibly not being here, yet we’re here we are.

Yeah, I said the same thing to Blu in a pm, I like Diawara because of his size and length, but with the staff not offering, something is up. I don’t necessarily think a Grad Transfer Big wouldn’t help, especially if they get Hawkins, who is young and would be asked to do a lot.

As for Gabe, I’ve said all year I think Gabe has more potential than anyone on the team. I think a lot of people were looking at what he was doing and not what he was trying to do. Last night both he and Chaney (and Henderson) showed flashes of that potential they all possess. I actually thought we’d lose Chaney and Henderson, but last nights game changed my mind on that, I think they can now see how they’ll be used next year. So, that’s a plus.

As for Bailey, I think, as you said he is a good locker room guy, but I don’t think he has made the jump CMA expected and I think him playing his SR year at a Mid Major maybe better for him. JMO. As for the scholarship situation for 2020, I think if Justice does play football (and I think he’s good enough to play one snap, and that all it takes to lose his basketball scholarship) that opens up 1. I think a few more guys will be under the same thing as Bailey (I believe Gabe is one) and they don’t take that next step or show improvement, then they could be encouraged to play somewhere else in 2020. I don’t think the scholarship situation would be a problem. As Mike says, recruit and the numbers work themselves out

i like hill, he can’t be a worse shooter than harris. speed and can guard.

of that potential lineup i would like to see another big.

I don’t think anyone is really saying Hill sucks. I personally think he’s a good enough football player that he would be able to get on the field, even if it’s on special teams. That would cancel his basketball scholarship, so I’m sure if he plays, then that is something he, his dad, HY, CMA, and CCM would all make sure he understands. That doesn’t necessarily mean he goes on a football scholarship, but it definitely means he would no longer be on basketball scholarship.

Now, as for comparing him to Harris, he is a good little player, BUT, he played football last fall, he reported to AR in “football shape” per CMA, and he’s been going through spring practice with the FB team. He’s a good player, but he’s behind most incoming freshmen right now because they are actually playing basketball right now, he’s not. Harris is a RS SO (JR) who is still playing high major D1 basketball right now. Justice is good, not great, and he won’t take Harris’ spot as easy as some think. And this isn’t me bashing Justice.

Did I miss something? How could he behind if he has been practicing D1 ball with his future teammates since late December.

Also he has not practiced with FB yet.

K, misread what Dudley said, thought he said he was going through FB spring practice. As for being behind, if he’s been practicing ball he may not be behind those freshmen, but he’s still behind Harris.