Best burgers in Fayetteville?

Where is best place in Fayetteville to eat a good burger?

The best is at Hugo’s and it is not even close.

Hugos is alright, but I think they have a great hamburger at Herman’s. Not many go there for that, but it’s darn good.

The best place in Arkansas to get a burger is Heidi’s Ugly Cakes in Norfork. She marinates her burgers. But, I don’t get the burger because the fried bologna is off the charts good. If you want to be perfect, get one of both. Can’t go wrong. Heidi also has great cake. Nothing ugly about them, but you will love them. She generally has about seven kinds in the cooler. I usually get Lemonsicle. Grubs has good burgers in Fayetteville, too.

Pork Steak Sandwich at Herman’s…try to get one every time I come to Fayetteville…

Just did a little research on Heidi’s and it looks like my kinda place! Made me wonder, however . . . how you discovered it? I’ll bet there’s either a fishing or hunting story involved.

Norfork is gonna be a flyfishing story.

She is 50 yards from the confluence of the White and Norfork rivers. Can’t have a bad meal there.

Location, Location, Location!

That’s a beautiful post. Fried bologna and marinated burgers in the same post. That’s high quality.

I was going to say - Fried Bologna, good burgers, and good cake close to good fishing…

That’s a serious set of brainwaves and stimulation right there


And grasshopper crepes for dessert

Deluxe burgers.

Richard, where do you get the Deluxe burgers? The Deluxe was my hangout many years ago when Pat and Helen were there on Dickson. They had great burgers…this was in the 60’s and early 70’s. They also had real french fries…fresh cut. The beer was Bud and it was cold.

I really miss the D-Lux. Plate lunches, Italian steak sandwiches, and beer and shuffleboard on Friday afternoons.

Why would you limit yourself to only Friday afternoons?

Trust me, it wasn’t only Friday, but it was every Friday.

Deluxe is good, but a bit on the pricy side.

I’m also a fan of Patrick’s in Springdale. Make sure to bring your cash or check, though. It does not accept credit or debit cards.

By the train bank off Dickson.

Oh I know all too well, lunch at the D-Lux, bowling at Maxine’s, followed by supper at the D-Lux and shuffleboard, pinball, and pool. For some reason my grades never were great, lol.

Used to play shuffleboard with Pat in Rogers Rec on Fridays back in the early 90’s. He had sold the De-lux and they didn’t have a board anymore, but he still liked to come in to Roger’s and play.

For burgers, my favorite was Fuzzy’s, but Fuzzy sold the place in about '97 or '98, and it went downhill quickly.

I’ve probably been to Hugo’s 50 times, but the chicken sammich is so good I don’t think I’ve ever ordered a burger.