Best attendance overall

But what was the actual attendance?


Wonder who led the nation in non-SEC attendance?

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According to that, the tea sippers, but then again they will soon be in the SEC.

According to a guy on Reddit who tracks baseball attendance, Okie Lite averaged 5,499. Don’t know what their total attendance is; this seems to be based on total, not average. The leader in the non-SEC/Orphan Eight division was Nebraska at 5,028 per game.

Florida State had the highest accumulative attendance outside the SEC and Big 12. It ranked ninth, so one spot outside that graphic. Oklahoma State ranked 11th in overall attendance.

Initially I thought this figure for Arkansas included the game in North Little Rock, but it does not. The 363,153 was only for games at Baum.

Arkansas’ basketball team includes its North Little Rock game in its home attendance figures supplied to the NCAA, so an adjustment is required when calculating attendance on campus.

The guy on Reddit had Florida State 12th at 4,538 per game. Again this is a bit of apples and oranges; he’s listing per-game while the NCAA is listing total attendance. And I don’t think his figures include regionals or supers; OSU, Florida Texas and A&M had those, others didn’t.

I dug into the numbers more:


Thanks for that, Matt.

I notice that you provided actual attendance (tickets scanned) information. Is there any place to find that information by game during the season? I like to track the home attendance figures. They used to provide both actual and tickets sold in the box score, but the actual is no longer listed.

I FOIA’d how many tickets were scanned. Remind me when things aren’t so busy and I’ll type out the game-by-game for this year.

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