Best Arkansas road performance...

since winning at Rupp against the NC Runnerup. They had to be 25 points better than a top-25 team in order to win by 1 thanks to the officiating. It ranks right up there with the UNC NCAAT game in the annals of disgraceful officiating. What a gutsy performance by the piglets.

An amazing “refuse to lose” effort from the hogs in the face of as much adversity as the Zebras could muster. It looks like Wade buys both players and refs.

I told my wife three minutes into the game that the Hogs would have to play lights out to beat both the tigers and the refs tonight. And the Hogs did it! Horrible officiating.

While the UNC game was a much bigger game and on a bigger stage, as far as the officiating…that UNC officiating crew look like heros to us compared to these guys. UNC game they just cheated us last 5 minutes, in this game the cheated us for an entire 40 minutes. Like you said we had to be 25 points better than them to win that’s ridiculous.

Every road W in the SEC is big. Winning in Baton Rouge is huge, especially now as LSU was on a great roll.

I was not expecting this W, but what I liked the most is that our team was able to keep it together during the last three minutes…that, on the road, after the strong LSU comeback was really exceptional.

VERY Nice win!!!

And should not have been close as our guys dominated until they lost momentum.

Wish Mike would have tried to stop their comeback momentum with a timeout or two. But can’t criticize a win like this however it happens.

It did remind me a little of that win at Rupp years ago but Mike’s team is a lot younger.

Great win

Yep. They overcame 40 minutes of hell in the form of crooked zebes to beat a team of talented mercenaries. This is why I will never turn on our coach. He may not win every game, but every game he wins will be won the right way. With honor and often over the guys who take shortcuts to success.(which is being very generous to some of these guys.)

I thought that road win at South Carolina two years ago was big. That SC team ended up in Final Four.