Best AR recruiting class ever in any sport?

Certainly in the ‘modern era’ of recruiting. Nolan 95 class was ranked #1 by some services but it was mostly JuCo guys and few made an impact (or didn’t make it to campus at all).

In terms of freshman, only Day/Mayberry/Miller/Hawkins would seem to have a chance to compare.

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DVH might have had some that good with kids who never got to campus either.

If you exclude Jucos, this class would be the best in school history, in basketball for sure,


Nice to hear from you, PJ. Is it safe to say you now think Muss might know what he’s doing? Is it also safe to say that Cal is pooping in his pants watching Arkansas rise from the ashes? I guarantee he is, and I love it! I would ask you about Oats, but he’s not even on the radar this recruiting cycle.

Cal made some very strong (positive) statements about Muss when we hired him - like he was an off the charts coach. He knew what was coming.

I remember seeing this as well!

Here’s the quote - looks like he made after we beat UI early in Muss’s 1st season:

“[Calipari] said he has followed first-year Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman throughout his career and added that Razorback fans may not understand how good of a coach they have in Musselman.”

Those were nice things to say by Cal, but can we stick to the poopy pants Cal? I really prefer that.

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In so far as “recruiting rankings”, I would agree. The class that proved itself to be the best would have to be the 1988 class of Day, Mayberry, and Miller. All 3 were 1st round NBA draft picks. They also made the final four.

And should have won at least one natty.

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Add to that the fact that they remained at the UofA for four years.

In the current landscape, Day and Mayberry wouldn’t have stayed four years. Probably not O either.

I looked up the first round of the '91 NBA draft. Four people left school early, and Stanley Roberts had left LSU after his freshman year to spend a year playing in Europe before he was drafted.

Heck, even Shaq stayed three years. Today? One and done.

You can look at any of Lance Harter’s recruiting classes over the last five years or so for a big winner(s).

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Juco Lindsey Howell was also in the May day class

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