Best 40-game starts

I guess their revenue projections widely miss in their annual budget projections, lol.

You don’t know the fiscal year the university is on? Then those aren’t audited numbers, one would assume.

And Matt, I’m not doubting those were the numbers given to you by the athletic department, just curious on their date and what they were comprised of. You are good at getting the data out of them, lol.

Yes, I know when fiscal years end and begin. I read your post to ask if the 2018 baseball figures were reported by June 2018. I said I don’t know when those numbers are reported.

Those are the numbers that were given to me through an open records request asking for expenses and revenue related to the baseball team for the 2018 season. Whether it is the same criteria used by the Knight Commission or Department of Education - I don’t know.

But internally, Arkansas considers itself to have turned about a $1 million profit on baseball last season, based on expenses and revenues.

Well, the numbers to the DoE need to be the correct ones, federal funds involved, lol. I hope we’re making $1M off of baseball, but who knows how the break down the SEC money, and donations not pledged to a certain sport are allocated.

Numbers reported to Dept. of Education show breakout for football and basketball, but it lumps all other men’s sports into a single category. The reporter from The Advocate never stated where he got his numbers. All I could find was “staff research”.

Seems as though it’s been reported around these parts that the baseball team has turned a profit for about the past 8 years or so.

You’re not going to be able to figure out what baseball makes, or loses, by reading the DoE report. It lists operating expenses for baseball of $2.063 million for the last reporting year, which I suspect is 2017-18. It does not list baseball revenues or the portion of other athletic expenses attributed to baseball; those are listed as football, basketball and a lump sum for everything else.

Not sure about the baseball P & L, but the sanity/hope it has given to Hog fans the last couple of years is priceless…

Well, a little over $5M revenue total for all of the other sports, in that year, and I’m sure baseball makes up at least 95% of that. I guess the question would be how much money do we retain in hosting a Regional and a Super, a nice payday if we keep a good portion of that.