Best 40-game starts

Arkansas’ 30-10 start is tied for the second-best through 40 games in the Dave Van Horn era. Here is a look at how Van Horn’s best teams looked through 40 games:

2004: 27-13 (SEC champion, national seed, College World Series)

2007: 30-10 (SEC West champion, national seed)

2009: 27-13 (College World Series semifinalist)

2010: 33-7 (lost in super regional)

2011: 29-11 (SEC West co-champion)

2012: 28-12 (College World Series semifinalist)

2015: 23-17 (College World Series)

2018: 28-12 (SEC West co-champion, national seed, College World Series runner-up)

2019: 30-10

According to those stats we haven’t fared as well when winning 30 or more games at this point.
But I still like our chances making the CWS the way this team is playing and the pitching keeps getting better and better.

Thank goodness for baseball to feel important on a national level… DVH needs a raise. No matter where we end up this year, 2020 could be a season for the ages.

I think so, too. DVH is at home here & not likely to leave. However, I don’t want him to feel he’s taken for granted. Our baseball program has been blessed to have had two awesome coaches for the past 40+ years. I’d love for Dave to coach another 15 years.

Dave just got a huge raise and contract extension after last year, and he will automatically get another one when the team makes the NCAA Tournament this year. Arkansas takes care of him.

We just gave him a raise last summer…

good. I just want him to be among the very best paid coaches in the NCAA. Wouldn’t bother me if he were the highest paid. Not many baseball programs turn a profit. Ours does. And right now, it’s the only one of the 3 major sports that’s enjoying any national respect.

I can’t remember if it was last year’s numbers, or the previous year, but we actually showed a small deficit in our baseball program. I’m sure Matt has the exact numbers, but we generally do turn a small profit, which is unique in college baseball. We should turn one this year with the increased season ticket sales, and price increases.

Baseball turned about a $1 million profit last year.

I believe the best 40-game start in school history was our first CWS team in 1979. Record after 40 was 34-6. We lost four straight in early March to Texas and Southern Illinois, then lost only twice until mid-April. Very weak NC schedule though – Southwest Baptist, Missouri Western, Eastern Michigan, South Dakota. The '85 team that went 51-15 and got to Omaha got red-hot late so the first-40 record was also 30-10.

So, the question is: which roster would you rather have, 2018 or 2019? Seems like we had more studs top-to-bottom last year, but found ways to lose. This roster finds a way to win. These guys know how to fight.

Probably not as strong at a lot of different positions this year vs last, but we don’t really have a weakness at any position either. Speaks volumes of DVH, Hobbs, Thompson, and even Johnson.

I guess they improved something over the year before. … b08c1.html

Noticed that the guy who wrote that story now works for Sports Illustrated. Nice promotion if you can get it, from Red Stick to SI.

That was written in early 2017, so the most recent season would have been 2016, the year we fell apart in May and didn’t even make the SEC tournament.

Actually, I think it came from 2015-2016 season, but the point remains, when did we make $1M in profit, and from where was the info from? Neither the Knight Commission, nor the Dept of Education reports show $1M profit, in fact the DoE only shows around $2M for the whole athletic department for July 2017 to June 2018 fiscal year, which is the latest report filed.

Exactly. The 2015-16 year covers the season that we fell apart.

According to records I have from the UA, baseball had $6.1 million in revenue and $5.1 million in expenses last year. Here are the exact figures:

Revenues: $6,146,053

Expenses: $5,164,084

This would be from July 2017 thru June 2018? That would be the last numbers available, correct?

We’ll see how this opponents finish, but last year’s schedule was very difficult. Arkansas played 15 games in the regular season against teams that went on to play in the super regionals, played four national seeds during the regular season and played four of the other seven teams that went to the College World Series.

I don’t think that will be the case this year, but we’ll see.

That is for the 2018 season. I don’t know when the numbers are reported.