Best 10-ish personnel people in college football

As identified in a survey of ‘crootin’ types by The Athletic. Notice that one of the list used to work at Arkansas before the Aggies hired her.

So my question is, who are the people on Sam’s staff who do this kind of thing? I’m sure if I’d paid more attention, I’d know, but, you know, life…

I believe RD has written about Bumper Pool’s sister and her close friend who do a lot of recruiting logistics for UA. Gameday visit stuff.

This list seems to collect a variety of behind-the-scenes personnel. I was more impressed by the schools we don’t usually think about as recruiting “big hitters” - Kansas, stands out. The commentary about UTSA was interesting, and kind of verified what many have suspected for a while - the best recruiting schools watch what other schools are doing.

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Can’t read it but you have Butler Benton, who’s the director of recruiting.

Brian Overton, who’s the assistant director of player personnel and recruiting

Then you have on-campus recruiting coordinator Callie Conway and Maddie Pool, the associate on-campus recruiting coordinator.

Cody Vincent who does the graphics and is also involved in recruiting.

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Okay. I knew about Maddie Pool but not Callie Conway. Benton and Overton are new names to me as well.

The former UA person is Danielle Braswell, who it says was assistant director of on-campus recruiting for the Hogs before the Aggies hired her earlier this year.

Shameful! :yum:

I’ve always wondered what it is that Jimbo does really well.

Seems like personnel is his strength. Always has great assistants, and that list is loaded with A&M.

The parents LOVE Callie and Maddie. They rave about both.


Priorities Jeff, priorities. :wink:

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