Best 1 minute into I like (FB or BB)

Don’t know how to explain, put into words but to HY and Coach Pittman this is the Bomb to me. I just love it. I just heard the commerrical again. Never gets old for me. Muss listen up…

Thoughts everyone??

I have spent the last 3 hours thinking of how the band, crowd could incorporate this into something special. I have a thousand ideas racing through my head. It’s actually kind of sad I’m not able to write these things down.

It’s also a shame some people have the gift to write so much, but not me. O’well that’s life.

Here is Queeen and then AC DC, I Would Do Anything For Love, then the great Louis Armstrong-- that will wake you up. If not then your to old or dead…

Help me out…

That would make a great song for FB and BB, especially if the fans embraced it and participated by stomping and singing loudly.

I’ve thought for many years that we need someone like Jim Robkin (sp?) to get creative with the music and fan involvement. Jim tried a lot of different tunes and actions with the WildHog Band in the 70’s to get or keep the fans engaged. Some of his ideas worked and some didn’t, but he kept trying new material. Throw new ideas against the wall and see what sticks. That’s how great traditions begin.

I’ve always wanted to hear the crowd sing the National Anthem a cappella. The band can sing along, too.

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ohhhmyy2006 Thank-you for the reply.

That’s what I’m talking about. This could get the crowd over the top, ready for some FB, or BB. Yes Jim was the Bomb, and I was there for all of his show. He worked that crowd just like Freddie Mercury did. Great showmen.

Attended a Braves game in Atlanta a few years ago. Game was good and we all had a great time. Don’t think I ever laughed so much at a sporting event.

The mascot was funny and the big screen entertainment was very well done. They must use at least 2 cameras only focused on the crowd for an endless series of kiss cams, babe cams, funny signs, cute kid cams, etc.

Whoever is in charge of similar crowd views at RRS needs to study how they do it in Atlanta.

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If they could come up with something for football to engage the crowd between the players running through the “A” and kickoff, that would awesome. Should be something loud, fast and metallic…

Fun topic, and you know we are close to game #1 because we are needing more and more discussion about the season.

Robken and the Hogwild Band from late 70s to 1990-ish is probably worthy of a documentary. Like the Beatles, they were a product of the time and will never be replicated again. It takes youth and charisma, it takes a group of followers (the HW Band) committed to following, and it takes creativity.

As more and more groups tried to imitate Robken and HWB there were fewer and fewer new ideas to be found. While it is always better to be the first doing something that is not all that fantastic vs. being the 2nd in line doing precisely the same thing, even mediocre original ideas are hard to come by. Then, put them in the context of leadership, performance groups, etc etc., and we might be talking about something that never happens again.

The games themselves are not the same. Robken’s vision for when a team would take a timeout was incredible. Now, TV timeouts make those spontaneous timeouts harder to predict, and fewer in number. Corporate noise - advertising, sponsorships, awards/presentations, etc - has chewed up a lot of the available space for both HWB, RMB (Razorback Marching Band), and our cheer squads. Said otherwise, there is a wonderful TV piece where Robken notes during the UCLA Cotton Bowl game that the band was already done with William Tell Overture and the sideline official signaled “two more minutes.” It highlights a challenge - human musicians (or cheerleaders) are not long on endurance. A 60- or 90-second break is more than sufficient for most musical cheerleading. With TV timeouts routinely longer than that you have to coordinate non-musical or non-cheering activities to cover the first part and then hand off to the band or cheerleaders.

We don’t do that terribly well, although to be fair, its been a while since the crowd was capable of doing much sustained support for the football team due to anemic performance on the field. Now, it should be easier.

At the risk of hurting feelings (not my intention) what makes a song “work” on the radio and what makes it work when rewritten for a pep or marching band are two different things. You never know when a forgotten pop song becomes a spirit band hit - exhibit A: Rock and Roll Part 2 (The Hey Song) by Gary Glam and the Glitter. That is where you have to have creativity and time - come up with ideas and then write them out and give them a shot. Want the latest complication there? The copyright police seem to think that marching bands and pep bands are out to rip off the artists. John Williams has orchestrated (pun intended) some sizeable fines for unauthorized use of his film music (Star Wars, Superman, for example). The fee to arrange a piece of music, with permission, can be a lot more expensive than the school buying the rights to play the original song over the speakers.


Wow. That’s so much better than an entertainer trying to modernize the song before a game.

Exhibit A
Enter Sandman…

Goosebumps VT USED since 2001.

Were 20 years behind, Let’s Go!!!

BTW "We Will Rock You " IMO beats this.

Does anybody agree??

We have some great responses but I bet we can do better…

Robken was like Wolverine…the best there is at what he does. The canned music and DJ will never replicate what he did…ever.
I will never understand how we let Robken and Gary Blair get away, however, I am gonna suggest to the producers for the “Before 94” documentary that they interview Robken…and Blair.
Gary Blair watched Coach Richardson like a hawk when I was there. Not a surprise that he won a natty…just wish it would have been here.

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jeremy I worked at Whirlpool for 35 years. I started the Field of Dreams in 1990. And in 5 years I donated 6000 in 5 years. I was a 1 man Army. The honorable Allen Ray Toothaker was the Mayor and appointed me the Project Coordinator. I was the Jim Robken just in a different field. But I was good at what I did. Worked 16 hours a day, and contributed to my divorce but in the end Van Buren had had regional tournaments, state tour, and even a few Cal Ripken World Series. It’s effected 10’s of thousand’s of kids across the US.

Thus Jim myself were just a cut above and mad nothing into something. That’s what we need here!

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The magic of Enter Sandman might be wearing thin. VT record the last 10 years: 73 - 56.

I agree but it’s the point of a new “great electrifying intro” …

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What about the prelude to Styx “Fooling Yourself”?

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