Besides Justice and Franklin who is next?

Any guesses on who else we sign for 2019?

Here is the list of ones they seem to be focusing on:

Findlay Prep’s Raymond Hawkins (6-9, 230) has said he is planning a visit, has some Arkansas ties and seems to be a front-runner for one of the spots.

I would suspect that if they sign a fourth, which is what I do expect, it will be another big.

2019 Signee (1):

• Justice Hill, PG, 5-11, 175, Little Rock Christian

2019 Prospects:

• AJ Bramah, F, 6-7, 185, Sheridan, W.Y,. College
• Mahamadou Diawara, C, 6-10, 220, Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia
• Demontay Dixon, F-C, 6-9, 200, Morristown, Tenn., Walters State Community College
• Javon Franklin, F, 6-6, 190, Holmes, Miss., Community College
• Doudou Gueye, F, 6-9, 200, Daytona State, Fla., College
• Raymond Hawkins, F, 6-9, 230, Henderson, NV. Findlay Prep
• Dischon Thomas, F, 6-9, 190, Phoenix, Ariz, Hillcrest

what’s the deal with Mahamadou Diawara I read a report where he stated “Arkansas needs me”…I laughed because of his lack of humility

I havent’ seen any highlights of his game is he the game changing talent he claims to be and if so why haven’t Arkansas been aggressive towards him when he seems to want to go to school here?

Ummmm, Dudley, you sure about that highlighted portion?

Me and Blu have been discussing these guys in a pm, I don’t think either of us was exactly high on him, Blu did like him more than I did. Doesn’t seem like the player we need in my opinion.

Of course like you, I think we need someone like Bramah, but whatever has ran everyone off the kid, has to be an issue (grades, attitudes?).

Mcpherson reported we offered a 19 kid this week who I think fits the mold of the 6’7 forward who can drive and shoot, we are looking for I hope things pick up with him before other schools start putting their ticket in the hat

Also now looking into a 2019 juco combo guard apparently. This is getting pretty wild.

Blu posted about the 6’7 kid in the thread “New 2019 basketball offer?”. RD said it was UALR, but CMA and staff are interested

What is your first impression?..I like what I’ve seen so far

What video are you watching? When I looked him up last night, when Blu told me about him, I thought another Bailey, Franklin type. He’s even listed as a 6’6 PF. He doesn’t look quick enough in the tape I saw of him. I feel the same way about Hawkins who looks extremely slow and wouldn’t benefit in our system. That’s another guy Blu was higher on than me and said he was quick in the video he saw. So, whatever video’s you guys are watching post them on here (allowed unless it’s a pay to watch) I would gladly change my opinion if I just saw them “on a bad night”

That has happened before, with Barford, one of the videos posted of him made him look like an underperforming type guard (it was actually his lowest scoring game in JUCO). Then other video’s of him surfaced that showed a very different type player

He had a binge weekend and added a 100 pounds.

Yes, I am. 230 as it says now. :sunglasses:

Here’s the Videos I watched on Ronnie Degray III last night. RD said he’s just a Hog interest not an offer … 2660ec28f5 … 057cdf6a68 … 0ce0605025

And here’s another guy other outlets are saying we are interested in Javion Hamlet 6’3 PG (JUCO)

I actually like Hamlet, but it worries me about our guard rotation, who’s leaving

This will sound funny, Blu, the first video is the one I watched last night. He looks like Adrio and Javon in HS highlights. The second one he reminds me more of Mason Jones (definitely not a bad thing, especially if he plays the 4). The third video he looked in between, but that’s an older video and he’s had a year to mature. So, on the bad end, he would be another Bailey (looks much better at shooting), on the good end he would be another Mason Jones. Wouldn’t mind having two Jones’ on the floor at the same time. Especially with Joe as SG and Harris/Justice at point.

I have to disagree, I don’t think he looks anything like Bailey. Even on the first video you mentioned, the very first play, you see DeGray handling the ball at the top of the paint and having the ability to handle the ball well enough to dribble for a while, do a stutter step, and drive past his man down the lane for a dunk. I’ve never seen Bailey do that, not even in his high school highlights. DeGray also is a much better shooter, and has a quick release, if you see someone in their highlight take quite a few 3 pointers, that means it’s a significant part of their game, I don’t think I’ve seen a 3 point attempt in any of Bailey’s or Franklin’s highlights. Also, the thing I like about DeGray was he was constantly taking his man off the dribble, that’s something we haven’t seen a lot of our 4’s do, they typically have been taking mid-range shots and just passing, I think if we had a guy that could create his own shot and help keep the defense honest it would help open up stuff more.

Now with all that said, I’ve only seen his highlights, I’d like to see an entire game, and see him against a team with some high major guys on it to see how he performs. I heard he had a good game against Moses Moody’s team, but I can’t recall the stat line and haven’t seen any footage of that game yet.

I would like to see that (full game tapes) with all the guys we are recruiting. There are videos out there of about 2-3 mins stretches, then there are videos of highlights of one game, then there are highlight videos of multiple games. Isn’t very many full game tapes, unless it’s JUCO guys, and then there maybe 1-2 a season.

Brings up a question for Dudley or Richard, is there anyone out there (sports guys) that actually may go and watch games of these kids and actually could record a game and post it? Or is there a rule making that illegal?

No one has ever told me to stop filming anyone. That said that can be pretty expensive unless the kid is in your backyard.