Bentonville West

Man that school sure did get good in football in a hurry. Second year to field a varsity team and they are one of the top teams in the state. How did that happen?

A few things come to mind:

  • Bentonville West had its football coach in place a year before it played a game. There was a lot put in place before the school even opened, as far as work with the junior highs that feed into that school.

  • For years Bentonville High had the largest football roster in the state. I was told by some people that Bentonville’s backups could make the playoffs and that its depth was the difference in it winning state so many times. Well, you’re seeing that with West. In fact, both schools are playing real well right now and both are undefeated in their conference games.

  • Overall, Bentonville is a fairly affluent community - maybe the most affluent in Arkansas. Several of those kids are being paid for to go to camps every summer from a young age, which I think plays a factor in their collective development.

Another huge reason they are so good this year is that last year there were no Seniors. Their Sophomores and Juniors got a lot of experience.

Thanks guys. Good info.

Just as a side note, Bobby Allen was the player of the year in the Washington, D.C. metro area as a senior in high school. He led a brand new school to a perfect record and a state title.

I would add that Springdale Har-Ber had similar second-year success when it finished state runner-up in 2007. I can draw a lot of parallels between Har-Ber about 10 years ago and West now.

Are there kids in West that are capable of playing D-1 ball