Bentonville center Maryam Dauda update

I’ve been told by someone close to the situation that there likely be some movement this week, but that doesn’t mean it will include a resolution of her situation.

No other coaches can talk to her before she asks for her and receives her release from Baylor.

As of last weekend, she had not talked with new Baylor coach Nicki Colleen.

Thus that means that neither Arkansas head coach Mike Neighbors nor LSU coach Kim Mulkey had been able to speak with her as well.

I’m sure she has to be disappointed not to have heard from the new Baylor coach by now. That would be pretty surprising to be a 5 star recruit and not hear from your new coach after a week already.

Again, it’s my understanding NCAA rules did not allow that

Trust me, Nicki Collen will be reaching out to her. It’s up to Maryam whether or not it is Baylor or Mulkey she wanted to play for. Either way, if she asks for her release, I would think we would still be behind the 8 ball if it’s Mulkey she wanted to play for. Maybe she feels betrayed and wants to come home? We can only hope that’s the case.

I am curious, DD, does her family feel like NWA is home? I know, obviously, they are not from here, but are they putting down roots here? This seems like important information if Maryam asks for her release.

I can understand why Neighbors and Mulkey wouldn’t be able to talk with her. But, it sounds crazy that the new Baylor coach would not be able to talk to her. If so, that’s a nutty rule.

Well, it is the NCAA so nutty is the norm

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That is something I don’t know enough about to offer up an informed opinion.

I know she was high on the combination of Coach Mulkey and Baylor from early on.

We’ll see how that being dissolved plays out now.

All I know is it would be huge for Nabes if she ends up a Razorback. She is exactly what we need. Sure hope it happens.

History of cases like this are that high percentage of recruits choose a coach and not a school and high percentage of them follow the coach to their next job, unless the coach was fired.

Of course, the percentages swing the other way when a recruit chooses a school over a coach. Also, a recruit will usually stay with their decision if he/she had chosen their home school.

Seeing she has been granted a release from Baylor

Good news coming tomorrow…

Man. If Nabes can get Dauda and Muss can get Mitchell…look out! Go Hogs!



If we get both Dauda and Mitchell, shouldn’t somebody pull RD away from the blackjack table to tell him? :rofl:

Tell him to stay another week.

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We’ve stayed in contact this week.

If we get those 2 players, next time I see you, the Bud Light’s on me, DD.

Sounds like a plan.

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if we get two MORE studs this week, then RD is going to be assigned to vegas permanently, lol

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