Bentonville 6-8 sophomore center Caden Miller…

Is a young kid with an old school inside game.

Love what I’m seeing from him tonight in his team’s game with host Bentonville West at the Hoop Hall

It’s Bill Walton and Kevin McHale-esque inside the lane.

Has 10 points, 6 rebounds and 4 blocks unofficially as Bentonville leads West 23-18 at halftime

Once he gets stronger and puts on more weight - he’s going to be a monster.


Does he have an Arkansas offer?

Not yet, but they have had him on campus already

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Bentonville 39, Bentonville Wast 38 - final

Caden Miller with 19 points, 17 rebounds and 4 blocks officially

Miller contested the final shot that would have won it for West


That is exactly what we need! Mchale was awesome… so many post moves.

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I sat a little above you, but not close enough to yell at you and embarrass us both.

Good game. Miller is playing for MoKan Elite in the spring/summer, I think. Jaylen Lee had a tough night.

What about the monster sophomore for West, Lane Jeffcoat. Not much of a basketball player, but his skill level and fluidity for a kid that big and young was impressive. I remembered that Richard wrote about him.

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He was hard to miss on the football field this year — 6-9, 300, size 19 shoe as a 15-year old.


Knowing the Universities history, the Coaches will turn their noses to both players. They will then sign with rivals like Mizzou or Ole Miss, turn out to be All-SEC caliber and spend their college careers torching Arkansas every chance they get.

Wow! My oldest grandson is 14 and stands 6’4" with a size 15 shoe. I thought he was a big boy. He’s working hard on his inside game playing Middle School and AAU ball. He has gone from a gentle giant to a tough bang with the big boys player.

And McHale was my favorite back in the day. Loved the guy. Loved the Celtics.


And here is the GET OFF MY LAWN GUY folks… :roll_eyes:


Hey. History is History. And get off my lawn!!!

I will gladly get off your lawn. Congrats to all the young men listed above. Sounds like they all have great futures no matter where they go to school.

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Have there been a lot of those lately that were not offered?



I agree Dudley. I don’t know what he was talking about and obviously he doesn’t either!


It’s called wisdom backed by experience. You know what I’m talking about. The University Does have a History on missing some instate kids. Has it happened as often lately, no. But it has happened. Some kids want to leave the State. I get that. And yes, every school misses out on some. But our misses seem to come back and bite us later.

Ethan Henderson really hurt us Saturday :roll_eyes:

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