Benton, AR Cowboy Did us Proud OT

A lot of you know I follow the Rodeo and the NFR each year (happens when you move to CO - a great, great sport with NO PINK JERSEYS needed). Been several years since The Arkansas Flag was carried, but this year it was carried by Jason Thomas of Benton. Jason finsihed 2nd in the Average in Bull Dogging and I think 5 th overall. Good job Jason! You did us proud. Look forward to seeing you next year and hopefully at the National Western in Jan. and Cheyenne in July.

He did a nice job. It was always great to see his hometown listed before each run. BTW, my sleep pattern is not back to normal yet. Those performances were not over until midnight.

On another note, it sure was strange to not see so many of the “elite” cowboys, as they call themselves. What has been the effect of the new ERA? Do you see them making a go of the new association?

I must go to Frontier Days again. I guess it’s been about 5 years since I’ve seen a performance at Cheyenne. Fishing in Colorado is especially good when you know that the last day will be at the rodeo in Cheyenne.