Benny not in the line up for

… game 3 of the series.

There was speculation they’d change the lineup to get J.D. Martinez’ bat in there with no DH, but most thought Jackie Bradley would be the one benched.

I guess I don’t understand MLB but to take a guy out that is 4 for 8 and his fielding is just outstanding is just mind boggling! Of course if the NL would put DH in it would solve the problem!

I agree, but how do you take out JBJ? They may need Benny to pinch hit.

So the Red Sox’ only run through nine innings is a long homer by JBJ, who is normally a really bad hitter. Benny pinch hit but struck out.

Or if the AL would get rid of the DH. Eventually the NL will probably have the DH. Personally, I’ll hate that because I’m like many “purists” who love the strategy around when to pinch-hit for the pitcher. Bur I recognize my age group is not the demographic baseball is trying to persuade to watch.

DH ain’t real baseball No managing required :sunglasses: