Benny in the lineup for Game 4

JBJ benched, Mookie moves to center, Martinez playing right.

Boston exploded tonight and scored 9 runs late to overcome a 4 run deficit.
Kimberll was some what effective tonight he looks tired. Stuff just not sharp.
Game 3 I thought the rookie manager used his bench up with regard to where the game was going. What I mean by saying that he ended up with 2 catchers in the game batting right together and it cast them on the bases.

There is no good way to manage an 18-inning game. He got lucky in that Eovaldi ate up so many innings since he’d burned the rest of the bullpen. But then Roberts made some questionable moves tonight that helped the Sox come back.

Benny beat out the infield hit that helped extend the big rally, and caught the last out.

Kimbrel hasn’t been sharp for a while. And Jansen seems to have a problem with throwing gopher balls in the World Series.

I hope Jansen keeps up the good work. I don’t like the Dodgers. Roberts should be sweating Magic was sitting next to Tommy Lasorda last night!
Benny gave it his all to beat out that slow roller to 3rd.
I do agree there’s no perfect way to manage an 18 inning game.