Benny goes upper deck in Yankee Stadium

Turned out to be the deciding run in a 5-4 Red Sox win. That’s Benny’s 8th dinger.

When you are with the Red Sox, doing that against the Yankees makes you a legend. Its something that causes Boston fans to raise a toast in your honor. Now, Boston fans are always quick to toast you in a bad stretch, but doing great against the Yankees is a sweet thing for a player in Boston.

My parents are taking my two boys (19 & 17) to watch the Red Sox play this Friday night in Boston. Very excited for them. I wish I was going too. :frowning:

I’ve been tweeting Bennintendi to see if he would meet up with them for a pic…but I guess he has been a little busy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could sit and watch the replay of his swing all day. Dang near close to perfection.

Here’s the deal about that homer, check out where that pitch was. You talk about grooving one for a hot hitter, that was a cookie, as the players and coaches like to say, meaning a real treat. Middle of the plate with almost no movement, a cookie if there ever was one.

You check this out from time to time, see where the pitches are and what the hitters do with them. When a good hitter gets a pitch like that, they cream it. There may be stretches where pitchers don’t give a good hitter anything to hit. And, then they get to swinging at bad pitches because they go crazy waiting on a cookie.

What I really was amazed at over the last month was how many tough pitches Spanberger hit. And, he did not have a lot of swing and misses. He’d foul off the pitcher’s pitch, or lay off. I noticed that Missouri State’s pitchers rarely gave him anything good. He still hit some good pitches hard, but there were no mistakes to him in the regional by MSU pitchers.