Benny Bomb!!

AB just hit his first post season HR! A two run bomb off just inserted Verlander, to put Boston ahead 3/2 bottom of 5th

That was exciting!

Odd to bring in Verlander, when he has zero relief appearances in his career.

Boston brought in Sale to relieve Porcello. The role of pitchers has changed significantly in recent years.

No doubt, but when winning the game, the series, and game 5 in Houston, thought it was a perplexing move for Hinch.

Of course, the Astros still have Dallas Keuchel. :sunglasses:

Regular or short rest?

Keuchel pitched in game 2, which was on Friday. If Boston wins, the final game will be on Wednesday in Houston. I don’t know his normal rest (or their rotation), but that seem like it would be close to normal.

Makes the Verlander move more palatable IMO.

Is that game still on and what channel. I just got finished mowing

better hurry

I’m sorry that I didn’t see this sooner. It was on FS1. Boston lost 5-4.

Nats at Cubs is on TBS. 0-0 in the bottom of the 5th.