Benny Baseball!!!

… gets the walkoff hit for the Sox in the 10th. They swept the 4 game series with the Yankees. Of course the Sox had to come from trailing by 4-1 in the ninth to get to extras. :baseball::baseball:

Oh yeah, the Sox now lead the division by 9.5 games.

3-for-6 night put Benny at .302 for the year.

Well, you guys need to educate this old geezer once again. According to the Headline on this story, AB had a walkoff hit to win the game. So far, so good.

But the first paragraph says there were 2 outs, which means that the batter has to run to 1st base or he could be out on a force play. Which means any runs that crossed the plate would not count.

So, my question is “How is that a walkoff?”

My pet peeve is the continuous use of the term is completely out of hand and mis-used. I have even heard one announcer use it on a bases-loaded walk.

Boston is rolling. They put the hurt on my Yankees. The AL is awesome with Houston, Boston and NY.

Benentendi is a very fine player. One of the top 50 in MLB, per ESPN.

Walk off refers to what the losing team does. Winning run crosses the plate, losers trudge to the dugout. This also would thus apply to a bases-loaded walk. Or what happened to us in Waco in 2012.


And by the way Benny did round first base as he would on any single. The mob from his own dugout got him near the first base bag.

ESPN crew talked about what a Yankee killer Benny has become. I’m going to see if I can find his stats vs NYY.

Thank you for the edification, Swine! I have never even considered it from that angle.
I do love me some AB, and never questioned that he would have touched first. My misspent ire was directed at those that I, in my infinite wisdom, thought were trying to be too cute. (Sigh!)