Benny Baseball update

He admitted that he was trying too hard to hit HRs. He has begun retooling his swing and returning to his strengths. He’s not there yet, but he is getting there.

The quality of Benintendi’s at-bats has been impressive. Still, some underlying numbers are a bit concerning.

Benintendi has yet to barrel a ball. His hard-hit rate (23.1 percent) ranks in the bottom 7 percent of the league. His 31.9 percent whiff percentage is the second-highest of his career. Santana’s whiff rate (22.7 percent) is the highest of his career, and his chase percentage (31.7 percent) is, too.

On the flip side, though, things are looking up. Benintendi recently said he “felt close.” And that things would click. Meanwhile, he’s made more contact on pitches in the strike zone over the past few games. A few games into the season, Benintendi’s zone contact percentage was 70.6. He’s upped that to 73.6 percent, though that’s still well below league average (82.2 percent).

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