Benny Baseball just recorded his first MLB hit!

I was watching MLB Network hoping they’d give the game some coverage, since I don’t have the MLB season ticket (or whatever they call it). Sure enough, when he came up to bat, they showed it and were talking about his debut last night. On a 0-1 pitch, Benintendi went down and stayed with the pitch, slicing it into left field for his first safety in the Show. He’s now batting .333 in his major league career!

The guys commenting (have no idea who, since I never watch that network, but I think at least some are ex-players) were saying the word around Boston is that he’s the next Fred Lynn. Anyone old like me knows what great praise that is.

Oh, and by the way, it showed his family members . . . about a dozen. . . going crazy in the stands. What a special moment for all of them! One of them was wearing a Razorback baseball jersey.

See it here . . . (select the appropriate video) … tab=videos

not a red sox fan(grew up a yankee as mom was from connecticut)but did watch the first few innings and was impressed with his at bat.the announcers did state that he attended arkansas but not much else.hope he has a long and productive career.

I can’t get a link to the video, but I’m on my iPad.

Woo Hoo for Benny Baseball. BTW, was there ever a more appropriate nickname?

Benintendi is mature beyond his age and will never ride a minor league bus again.

Benintendi finished 2 for 3, so he’s .400 after two games. The game finished with 2 men on and a full count to the hitter in front of AB. He struck out. Had he gotten on base, it would have provided a very dramatic setting for our young hero to step into . . . bases loaded, team down 2, 2 out in the ninth . . . but it was not to be, as the prior batter struck out.

Loved the video, thanks for posting!!

Benny isn’t in the lineup Thursday night; Seattle is throwing a lefty and Boston appears to be set on platooning AB to only face RHP for now. Wouldn’t be surprised if they bring him in later if Seattle goes to a righty out of the pen.

Noticed that . . . and they’re going against another lefty tonight in LA.

Yea, I finally got the video link!

What a thrill for his family to be there.

Hey Wiz, I see 2 Razorback jersey’s in there!

Benny baseball 2 for 2 and an rbi so far vrs Dodgers! WPS:bangbang: