Benny Baseball just keeps on getting better

So, what do you guys think his chances are of winning ROY? How is he stacking up against other AL rookies?

I don’t think that he has a shot. Aaron Judge has that wrapped up. Benny has had a better second half, but Judge has already secured the award.

This seems to be the era of the home run. While Benny has some power, he is not a prolific home run hitter. He is an all-around player, who hits well, defends well, and hits occasional home runs. Oh, and as for that defends part, he steals runs and hits from the opposition.

Thanks, Marty. I’m so out of the loop with MLB that I’ve heard Aaron Judge’s name, but had no idea he was a rookie.

Benny has great days ahead and you certainly don’t have to be ROY to have a stellar career! Plus, there’s nothing like being one of the fan favorites in a town like Boston.

Exactly right, Marty. I know a couple of weeks back you were still hoping Benny might overtake Judge for this award, but as I said then - the ‘race’ was already over. Judge’s spectacular first 2-3 months of the season locked it up for him.

My other point - which you backed up with the article you posted last week - is that even though Judge will win the ROY, it is Benintendi who has the better all around future - barring injury, or course. Nothing against Judge - but, AB is just the better all-around player. Chicks may dig the long ball, but there are other important facets to the game as well. Benintendi gets the edge in all other categories outside of pure power - and, he’s no slouch there, either. If he can consistently hit 18-25 HR per season, bat .280-.300 and drive in 90-100 per season . . . with his range, glove and base-running . . . I’d take him over Judge in a minute.

Aaron Judge has 48 home runs and over 100 rbis. He is also a very good right fielder with a cannon for an arm. He is a great young player who is going to win the Rookie of the Year and be in the Top 5 voting for MVP.

Andrew would have won the ROY, if not for Judge. He has just played great baseball. He is a very good hitter, fielder and base runner. He is a very smart player and the best position player for the Red Sox except for Mookie Betts. If he can stay healthy, he should have a great career and ring the bell with some team during free agency in a few years.

It would be nice for the Cards to get Benny as a free agent. I’ve made that drive numerous times to watch a 3 or 4 game series.
Years ago I took the drive and watched The Braves and Cards. The starters for Atlanta were Tom Glavine, John Smolttz and Steve Avery. It was a shame Avery hurt his arm and became ineffective. I can’t even remember who started for the Cards. My older kids were little and had a blast.