Benny Baseball is hot

For now, here’s some verbiage to describe Benintendi’s start in 2022: scorching. In 58 plate appearances, he’s batting an American League-leading .389 with a strikeout rate (15.1 percent) lower than even 2018, his career-best season with the Boston Red Sox. His .431 on-base percentage ranks seventh in the AL. All of the production begs a question: How has Benintendi turned the tide on his 2019-20 stretch? And what is the 27-year-old capable of?

Pay Wall


I hope he has a great year and gets out of KC to a winning team.

Awesome! Great to hear.

I always loved KC’s park. Fun park to hit in.

I will be there if I can make it in about a week. My sister has season tickets right behind home plate… I almost posted a pic awhile back and was going to see if anybody could guess the team and player…LOL

Good for him!!

Currently hitting .329 with 2 HR and 17 RBIs.

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I hope Stovall has a resurrection like Benni did here next year.

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I wonder if Stovall will go the Benny route and stay on campus? Sometimes I think that is a better idea than going somewhere and playing all the time. Get good work in the weight room and spend the summer working on technique and skills. I think that playing all the time develops bad habits that are hard to break.

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