Benny and the Red Sox....WS Champions!

So happy for Andrew!

There are 11 players from SEC on the Red Sox if that doesn’t tell you how strong SEC baseball is nothing will! This Red Sox team will go down as one of the best of all time! 119 total wins and 3 losses in post season just amazing! Congratulations to all the players including Benny!

What’s even more impressive is that they clinched all three playoff series on the road!!
Great team! Great year!

Dominant performance. The MVP could have went to more than one player as well.
Pearce got the MVP
The SEC is loaded with talent and the pure numbers on the Sox’s roster showed it.
Benny had a great year and hope it continues for him.
I’m always happy when the Yankees and Dodgers get beat.

Couldn’t agree more!

Happy for Andrew. Not happy that the Red Sox won. Don’t like any if the teams from Boston.

What an experience for Andrew! Being part of a championship team is something he will remember the rest of his life. He has a good chance of adding to that.

The Red Sox have sure built a great team and organization. After they overcame the “Curse of the Babe”, they have been on a roll.

The American League is loaded with the 3 best teams in baseball…Boston, New York and Houston. Each of those teams should be really good next year…once again.

Agree completely. All three will make changes over the winter but all will be loaded.

My grandfather lived in New Hampshire when I was growing up and used to work out with Carlton Fisk. My grandfather was an avid baseball fan that watched every Red Sox game. He made the Red Sox my American League team. I don’t follow baseball as closely as I did as a kid, but I’ve still enjoyed their playoff runs the last couple of decades. I wish my grandfather had lived to see the Sox champs.

My wife who is a good warm weather Razorback baseball fan really got into the world series this year. We both like to go to bed early but we stayed awake to see most of that marathon game in LA. I would dose and wake up. I woke up at 3:00 AM in time to see the wrap and the announcement that the Dodgers won. What a game!