I don’t follow any team other than the St. Louis Cardinals, except to look at box scores if an Arkansas Razorback plays for a team. I haven’t seen Benintendi in the Red Sox lineup for a long time. Is he injured?. GHG!

He went on the 10-day injured list a couple of weeks ago with a rib injury. And now…

This year has been a bust for Andrew. He only had about 40 AB’s and only had 2-3 hits. Next year will be his walk year, so he will need to be ready to go in 2021. I hope he goes somewhere besides Boston.

His last at-bat before the injury got his batting average over .100 (4-39). You’re right, it was a washout of a year. He’s going to have to work to get back into the lineup in Boston. But if his time in Fenway is almost over, he’s leaving with a World Series ring.

I just read that he’s under Red Sox control through 2022 so it’s not the walk year yet. They might have brought him back if they were playing well, but right now they’re one of the worst teams in MLB and have no chance at the playoffs.

He is such a fine all-around player and not a head case like so many guys are. I expect him to come back with a good performance in 2021 with Boston or maybe some other team.

He is not a good leadoff hitter. I wish Boston would quit trying to make him one. He has hit better from other spots in the order. I expect a lot of teams would like a player like Andrew. I will be watching to see what Boston does with him this winter.