Benintendi to the Yankees

Just got traded to the Yankees for three prospects. Good for him!

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Yay! Live in NYC metro. Going to see Benni play.


Grew up a HUGE Yankee fan. I’m going to root for them again now.

One of the players the Yanks gave up is ex-Misery pitcher TJ Sikkema.

Yanks have one trip remaining to Toronto and could see them in the playoffs. Presumably either Benny gave them assurances about getting the jab or they don’t care.

No, Benny is not getting the jab. From the reports, he will not be going to Toronto.

CBS says Andrew will get his shot. I am fired up he is to be a Yankee, at least, for the rest of this season.

something must be assured since Toronto was in on talks and probably the competition the Yanks had to outdo…

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I’m a lifetime Yankee hater. I have always rooted for WPY (whoever plays the Yankees). I will now be torn, as I am a huge Benny fan. I wish him well.


Well I’m not a hater of the yanks, but I just can’t image my son getting a chance like this. Lifetime dream for some…Come-on Andrew…(his age he could have been my son)

Yeah, like I always hoped Felix gained 150 yards but the Cowboys lost when he was there.

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You and me both.

Yeah, good for Benni. Not a big Yankee fan, but did enjoy the Subway series the last two nites. You gotta respect the accomplishments of the franchise. Looking forward to the playoffs. Yanks, Mets, Astros, Braves, or Dodgers? :sunglasses:

he’ll be there in time for the old timers game scheduled for the 30th i believe this year …only organization that still has such a game every year where the likes of Reggie;Chris chambliss;Goose Gossage;Ron Guidry and others come and play a 3 inning game…Whitey Ford and Yogi showed up every year until their deaths…will be the 1st one since COVID hit…also the widows of famous Yankees are honored…grew up a Yankees fan and have been to both stadiums…they’re like the Cowboys…you either love or hate them


Just FYI, he spells it Benny. :grinning:


US and Canada really need to drop the requirement of vaccination for entry anyway. Since the changes they made to the policy last month, the current policy makes no sense.

Last month they dropped the requirement of a negative test for entry. As a result only restriction now is that unvaccinated foreigners cannot enter.

This means an unvaccinated citizen can enter. And also a vaccinated foreigner infected with COVID or a citizen (vaccinated or unvaccinated) infected with COVID can enter.

They should really go back to requiring a negative test if they are interested in stopping the spread. And drop the requirement for foreigners to be vaccinated, because you can still get infected if you are vaccinated.

Requiring a negative test fir both citizens and foreigners is the only way to stop the spread. Don’t think administration has thought this thru.

I was going w last name abbreviation. :rofl:

“The Evil Empire” !
Actually, I’m neutral on the luv / hate w the Yanks.
I do hate the Cowboys. :sunglasses:

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It’s the Canadian requirement at issue here, and Canada took all of that stuff much more seriously than we did at the time (and still does).

The problem with your scenario is that there is a window between exposure to COVID and positive test. That window is generally 5-6 days but can be up to 14 days. So a negative test doesn’t mean you’re safe, citizen or not. Which is probably why they dropped the testing requirement. If you aren’t jabbed, test or not, you’re not getting into Canada.

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