Benintendi to the White Sox



5-year, $75-million contract.

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He picked a good year to hit .300 before getting hurt.

Saw it this morning on ESPN. $75M guaranteed money! Good for him.

That is great for Andrew. I wish it were not the White Sox. They get no TV exposure. one of those franchises who just don’t move the needle

It’s close to home for him. Maybe, that is appealing to him.

Yes, Yes! First I’ve seen this. Great for the Sox and great for Benintendi. I’m a 60+ years White Sox fan, having grown up in Northern IN. I hated to see Abreu moving on after all these years, but the Benny signing softens the loss a little.

The Sox probably need Benny more for his defense than his offense. If he can have a few very good offensive years, it will just be gravy.

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