Benintendi named AL Rookie of the Month

… and he seems to be gaining traction for Rookie of the Year.

He needs to finish strong, but it is a possibility now.

How you finish is a big deal to a lot of voters. It’s always been that way.

It’ll be hard to catch the Judge

But that is the point. Since the all-star game, Judge has fallen way off and Benny has just gotten better and better. This is about a week old, but illustrates the point:

I’d love it, and I think Benny will be the better player over the long-haul, but I just can’t see him overcoming the Yankee hype machine UNLESS he bats about .400 with 5-7 homers from now to the end of the season AND Judge hits below .200 during that period.

Even then . . . probably won’t happen.

Still, he is unquestionably one of Baseballs brightest young stars, and we can look forward to watching him play in the Bigs for a decade or more.

I started out a Yankee fan (because in the 60’s, when I was becoming aware of sports on the national scene, NY was on the Saturday TV “Game of the Week” about half the time). And then, since I’ve lived in DFW for 40 years, I do follow and pull for the Rangers.

But I’m a Red Sox fan now simply because of Benintendi. I love to watch him play.

Judge has had a much better year than Andrew. He may be slumping, but it is really not close at this point. Judge is a very good right fielder and has much more power than Benny. I do think Andrew may be a better player than Aaron, but this year Judge gets the nod.

We may get to see Benentendi in the World Series this year. That would be great.

A very strong possibility that the World Series will feature either Benny or Dallas Keuchel. That would work. And the NL representative may include Logan Forsythe.