Benintendi might be on the trade block

Rumors are flying around, but with his struggles over the past year Benintendi has moved from a player the Sox wanted to build around to a player they might want to trade.

Here is an article about Benintendi’s struggles at the plate. … story.html

Benintendi did show improvement last night and it might be because of something he picked up at the University of Arkansas.

So I guess my question to you is if Benintendi was traded where would you like to see him go?

The Reds. He’s an Ohio boy. But, I doubt that happens.

Cardinals of Course :sunglasses:

I’d like all the ark guys to be on a team that gets regional TV exposure. So St Louis, Texas or KC.

St. Louis or KC would work for me.

Benny’s 2 for 4 tonight with two RBIs. Maybe he’s coming out of it.

As a Cards fan I’d like to see him land there too, but it seems unlikely with the young outfield talent the Cardinals have.

I think he is coming out of it too. It’s hard to keep a guy with a pure swing like him down for long.

I hope he goes to a contender like the Yankees or the Cubs…even the Dodgers. He is too solid of a player, both offensively and defensively…I don’t think the Red Sox will trade him, but Dave Dombroski hasn’t advised me on this matter, yet.

As a Cubs fan (and a Hogs fan) I was disappointed when the Red Sox took him one pick before we were going to, I’d trade Schwarber for Benintendi

Stew, I was thinking about Schwarber for Benentendi yesterday. Swcwarber could dh which is a better fit for him in the AL. Andrew is such a solid player…I would be a little surprised if he was traded. He is still hitting .266 which is better than about 90% of the rest of the AL hitters. Benentendi is a very smart player who is good at the plate, on the bases and is a very good defensive outfielder with an very accurate arm. Unfortunately, I see him staying with Boston.

Benny went 3/5 tonight as the Sox trounced the Yankees, 19-3.

It does seem that he might have overcome his problems.

Benny has been a Yankee killer through his career in Boston. Which is a good thing to be given the rivalry and the fact that they play each other 19 times a year (tonight is #8).

He also had a ribby and a walk tonight. OBP of .667 works in most cases.

In all the years of the Sox-Yanks rivalry (more than 2200 games), Boston never scored 19 runs in a game. Until tonight. Remember how their two games in London turned into softball games? Same thing happened tonight, at least for the home team. Tanaka gave up 12 ER, worst ever for a Yankee pitcher against Boston since they started keeping ER in 1913, which was the same year the New York Highlanders became the Yankees.

The Yankee killer was at it again. Benny went deep off CC Sabathia, had three hits and scored three runs. His batting average is up to .275 with 9 dingers, 22 doubles (one of those today too) and 47 RBIs.

The Fox announcers said Andrew has stopped the leg kick and gone back to his old college swing. Sometimes when you try to get better, you don’t, and maybe he learned a valuable lesson here. He is certainly not slumping now and looks to finish strong.

Andrew is doing pretty well. He is still pretty young and will get better. He is going to make a lot of money over the years.

Good for him.

Tonight: 3/5, 2R HR, 4 RBI in a loss to the Yankees. Boston won the series 3-1.

BA is up to .280. This deep in the season that’s a pretty good improvement.

Benny continuing to rake . . . 3 for 4 tonight against the Rays, with another Home Run. Average raised to .285 . . . he got a two out single in the bottom of the ninth and made it around to 3rd base, but got stranded in a 1 run loss. … 0002103409

I looked up Benny’s day by day batting average. On July 21 he was hitting .261. Up 24 points in 10 days. Keep going like this he might contend for the batting crown.

Tonight’s homer was an opposite field shot over the Monster. Good things happen when you go the other way (note to Casey Martin).

After taking the inevitable o-fer last night (0 for 5), AB rebounded with another 3 hit night . . . average now .286 …