Benintendi is his first bad slump...

He is 0 for 25(ouch). This started when he was installed as the clean-up hitter. I watched him last night as the Red Sox swept the Cardinals…He is just off. Tim McCarver said his front shoulder was spinning out…hopefully he will get that solved. He is such a complete and talented young player. I hope he gets untracked soon.

No hits, but there have been some quality at-bats in there. He’s only struck out 4 times in that stretch. … benintendi

From my thread a month ago, projecting Benintendi’s rookie season (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7796), in response to a question someone asked me about why I predicted he will hit .279 for the year, when he was (at the time of that post) hitting well above .300:

“I’m speculating that somewhere this season, he may hit a rookie “wall” for a few weeks. He and the other rookies are young, and have plenty of stamina. But none of them are used to playing 162 games, against top quality competition. It’s a grind. I’m sure he’ll adjust, but it wouldn’t surprise me for him to have 2 to 4 weeks of a gradual slide before he regains his stride.”

The next game the Red Sox play will be number #40 on the season, so they are basically one fourth through the season. Taking Benintendi’s stats for the season to date, and multiplying them by 4, you’d have:

AB: 600
Hits: 168
Average: .280
HR: 20
RBI: 92
SB: 12

So far, I’m in pretty good shape. Only significant difference - and it’s isn’t huge - is that his HR and RBi pace is just a little ahead of where I projected.

Of course, there is still a LOT of baseball to be played. He certainly can improve on those numbers, and I hope he does.

I have watched the Red Sox and Andrew play 10-12 times this year on MLB and ESPN and watched him several times last year. He is a very impressive all-around player. He has a really nice stroke and knows the strike zone. He will make you throw him a pitch he can hit. That is rare for a young player. He is a superb outfielder who could be the Red Sox center fielder if not for Jackie Bradley, Jr. He has a good, accurate arm and knows how to run the bases. He knows how to play the game and plays it well. He has talent and a high baseball IQ. I think I need to be his agent.

After going 0/26 in seven consecutive games, Benintendi got a day off. He came back last night to go 2/4.

After my previous post, he went 0/3 the next day; and followed that up with a 1/3 game.

Tonight he went 2/3, scored a run, and walked twice.

As mentioned in another thread, it’s a game of cycles and the good ones work thru those cycles, even the young ones.
A B is a workhorse and a crafty and savvy baseball player. his contributions on the diamond aren’t just at the plate, but he will turn that around also due to the type of player he is. He just needs to stay healthy.

Last night against the Rangers, he hit a flare the shortstop almost got on a wonderful running catch. That went for a hit. That’s the kind of hit you need to shake a slump. Announcer said he’d been in a bad slump. Early in the at bat, there was a pitch about four inches outside that he took, but was called a strike. He knew it was outside, from the body language. That’s the kind of stuff that happens when it’s going tough. He knows the strike zone and knew not to swing at that pitch. Tough luck. It will turn around. It always does, if you can just stay healthy. The Red Sox are putting a little much on him by sticking him in the cleanup spot. He’s not David Ortiz.

I agree Clay. He is not ready for the 4 hole, yet. I would put him 5th or 6th this year and let him mature. Hanley Ramirez should hit 4th.