Benintendi injures knee, helped off field

Sometimes it seems as if Arkansas players/alums are snake-bit with injury issues in the pros. AB has had a meteoric rise to MLB and has looked like he belongs from the first day he stepped on the field for the Red Sox. I’ve seen several of their games on TV since he came up, and have told everyone I’ve spoken to that he’s a sure bet to be in someone’s lineup for 10-12 years barring injury.

Funny thing - and I’m not quite sure how to articulate this - but I never really worried about Benintendi getting injured, watching him play. He just seemed to have a sturdy build, and is not a bulky guy - the type that always seems to have hamstring pulls, etc. Never-the-less, injured he is. Hope this turns out to be relatively minor - even if he misses the rest of this season (and I hope it’s not that serious) but he can come back full strength next spring, I’ll take it. But with a knee, you never know. … ee-injury/

:cry: It must be my fault. I bought that second tee shirt.

Benny update:

MRI on Thursday was inconclusive, according to the Red Sox website. Benintendi said the knee was feeling better the more he walked on it, and the ankle didn’t hurt at all. More testing planned today in Boston.

[attachment=0]crossed.gif[/attachment] that I didn’t jinx him.

Red Sox breathe sigh of relief