Benintendi has breakout game on national broadcast

Tonight’s (Sunday) game of Boston at the Dodgers was broadcast on the MLB Network and Benny Baseball had a showcase game. He got hits his first 3 at bats and finished 3 for 4. Two of those hits produced RBI, and he also scored a run on a short hit to left field that generated a close play at the plate in which AB beat the throw with great wheels and a super slide. Oh yeah - he stole a base as well. He’s now batting .385 in the Big Leagues.

The announcers were well prepared for his story line and spent much of the game bragging on him, comparing him to Fred Lynn (which seems to be a popular thing in New England these days). It was a real national coming out game for him. Yesterday’s game had been on Fox Sports One, and he was 2 for 2 in that game before being lifted for a pinch hitter. They are platooning him right now against right-handers, but one of his hits tonight was vs. a lefty.

I believe Boston’s game Tuesday will be a regional split broadcast on the MLB Network.

Here are highlights of tonight’s’ game: … mlb-debut/