Beni Ball in Boston

In the NE for the week and caught the Yanks vs Red Sox game tonight…

Awesome…tool my 2 daughters and wife. Atmosphere was amazing…Beni was 3 for 3 and my family experience a never forget moment.

Yelling Woo Pig from the stands was also pretty cool too. The fans are Loving Beni as well…big ovations at the plate.

Go Hogs

Pretty good article on our boy… … ence-maker

Here is an article with video highlights of Benintendi’s first game at Fenway (scroll down the page a bit). … in-opener/

I was watching, and it appeared that he got screwed out of a home run. Everyone knows that Fenway has the funky Green Monster in left field. Well, when it ends in left center, there is a yellow line going down the side to the lower top of the fence. Benintendi’s ball hit about halfway up the line, on the line. In real time, it was played as off the wall, but after conferring for about a minute, the umps ruled it a home run. The Yankee’s appealed for review, and it was reversed.

The ball clearly hit the yellow line. What’s weird is that, even though (as we all know) if a ball hits the foul poles, it’s fair, the ground rules at Fenway state that for a ball hit where AB hit his, the ball has to be to the right of the yellow line - it cannot hit it.

Anyhow, another great game. I’m really getting giddy about his chances to be an all-star caliber player for the next decade or so. Yes, I know he’s a rookie and it’s just been a few games, but he just seems to belong. There will be down times, but I think he’s going to be a star in the League.

It’s the same deal as a ball that hits the yellow line on top of the outfield wall, in places where such a line exists. If it hits the line, it’s not a homer. It has to go over the yellow line to be a homer. The vertical line at Fenway is the same principle. That line is in play. To the right of it? Home run.

Yep, I know that now. But it’s unique; we’re (baseball fans) conditioned to seeing a home run if the ball hits a vertical line. I think that’s part of it. The horizontal line on top of the fence is one thing, but a yellow line that’s vertical invokes a quick mental comparison to the foul pole.

I watched the game on ESPN the next night, and they when AB came up they spoke about that “almost HR”. The announcer said it was the right call, but he spoke with a number of Red Sox personnel about it, and no one (a) knew the ruling before it happened the other night; nor had they ever seen a ball hit it. And these are people - some of them - that have worked in and around Fenway park for decades.

After tonight’s game (BennyBaseball went 2/3) here are his season stats: