Bench AWOL

Tennessee had to play their bench a little more than they would have probably liked because of foul trouble to a couple of starters. But the way it breaks down Tenn bench 82 min 33 pts. 10 reb 8 assists 5 turnovers. Ark bench 47 min 5 pts. 6 reb 0 assists 5 turnovers. Macon and Barford are studs, but they can’t carry every game. Hope Mike can light a fire under the bench.

I thought this game exposed our lack of depth at guard. Our forwards seem to be okay coming off the bench and are not expected to score a lot. Bailey, Cook, & Thompson are all capable. But, today, Hall didn’t look like an SEC player and Jones seemed a bit frazzled as well, although he played pretty good defense when he had to play a lot of the end of the first half because of fouls on both Beard and Barford. I just don’t see how Beard, Barford and Macon can play less than 30 minutes each unless we get a big lead early. Our non-conference wins made it look like we have more depth than we really have.

Guys like Bailey, Jones and Hall will get better. They are not quite ready. But will improve. Tennessee is really, really good.

Agree. Effort wise, Gabe Osabuohein brings it. i don’t know if he’s ready, but I’m hoping he gets a few more chances down the line. Hall just seems unsure of himself. i think Jones will be ok, because he has the stroke to do it.

I didn’t think Jones played bad, he just shot bad. He’s too fine of a shooter for that to continue for long. I thought the moment and the intensity were too big for Hall but he’s going to continue to get minutes and I expect he’ll come around as well. Trey, Cook, and Bailey have to give us more.

This was a great win. You are right, Tennessee is really good. I didn’t realize they were that deep.

Good points. Regarding Hall in particular, I expect to see a radical change in the current “deer looking into the headlights” approach as he gets more experience at this level and realizing that he can play SEC ball. This is a very different from high school play, and some folks just take a little time to “relax” and play the game that they are capable of.

I’m curious how our bench performed against UNC, OU, and MINN.

Maybe Tenn is is just really freaking good. That’s what I saw.

This . . . . !

For some unknown reason Jones and Hall seemed a little nervous or not relaxed. Mabe they were too hyped. They have the talent just need to relax and just play on instinct. I think they were thinking too much.

Conclusions based on one game snapshot are wrong 80% of the time. Until this game, bench was our strength. And we have played teams better than SEC. The trend is what one should be looking at and not just what happened today.

AR ran into a quality, confident, and experienced team that just happen to shoot well in this particular day. It seemed like no matter what we did, they answered with a play or shot a three. Their coach had told them they must stop AR’s transition game, because most of our points came from that. They limited our shots and forced us to half court execution. majority of our points came the hard way. It is a credit to AR to keep the game close until they had a chance to play their game. TN is an outstanding team; but I am impressed that AR was able to salvage the game When things were not going their way. Great win!

Tenacity and the indomitable will to win. There were some tired
players after this game. I hope we can recover and get a win
on the road at MSU.

I read this a lot and I don’t get it. Do you ever look and see what other teams–even good teams–get out of their 4th and 5th guards? It’s isn’t much. It’s typically less than what CJ Jones has done thus far and on par with what D Hall has done.

Tennessee’s 3rd and 4th guards average 6 and 7 PPG. CJ averages 10.5 and has been a very good threat from behind the arc.

And, yet, despite having 2 All-SEC caliber guards and a 3rd guard who is a senior that has played a lot of ball and been solid this year, I keep reading that we lack guard depth.

I don’t get it. I really don’t. Can you explain? Where do you think our guard depth stacks up in the league?

I’m not comparing the Hogs depth to anyone else, league or otherwise. If you look at the “official” roster, Hall isn’t even listed as a guard, but that is how he has been used. If you don’t count Plummer and Holmes, after Beard, Macon, and Barford, we only have one guard on the roster that can play–Jones. Compare that to last year, when we had Barford, Macon, Hannahs, Beard, Watkins, and Jones on the roster. I agree that Jones is going to give us some minutes, I just don’t think he is going to be able to make up the slack to allow Barford, Macon and Beard to sit a lot during competitive games. And, I expect our SEC schedule to present mostly competitive games, which will limit the ability to gain experience for Hall. I’m not worried about the forwards. I think we are fine depth-wise there. I hope I’m wrong about the guards.

When you say “competitive games”, you mean the games that are tight. But isn’t that the case with all other teams who shorten their bench play when the game is tight? Because certainly CJ provided big minutes against Minnesota, Oklahoma, UConn and other good teams.

Maybe what we saw from Jones and Hall, in particular, was some nerves from playing in their first big SEC game. You often see young players who have not played a significant role before get overhyped for a game like this. This was a home game against a ranked opponent, with a packed house, and the SEC opener. They both looked like they were trying to play too fast which led to misses and, for Hall, turnovers. I think after they have played a few SEC games and experienced a few of those big moments, the game will slow down for them and they will be solid contributors. Bailey and Trey’s play was a little more discouraging. Both have played in big SEC games and neither really gave us much yesterday. Trey seems to be carrying more weight this year and looked really slow against a very athletic Tennessee them. He has not improved as much as I had hoped he would coming into this year and I wonder if that is not due to his weight. Bailey seems to have fallen off the map after looking like a solid contributor early in the year. Not sure what the deal is with him. He seems like he may be trying to do too much and not letting the game come to him. We need those two to give us more quality play in the time they are in there, especially Trey.

They will be fine with this roster. If you think they have to play THREE guards for 40 minutes, you are mistaken. They will play 3 forwards some. And that’s counting Bailey, Hall and Jones as forwards. They will do fine in a motion offense.

I always counted Manny as a three. Saying he was anything other than a small forward in an open offense is wrong. He was not a two guard. Played good defense on guards but lacked quickness against the elite guards.

I don’t fret about guard depth. I just don’t. They will roll those 3 guards with forwards to get to the last 10 minutes.

Last year, Arkansas rarely played more than one guard 30 minutes, even against North Carolina in the NCAA tournament. In that game, none of the guards played more than 30 minutes. So, my point is that I believe this year we will have to play all three at least 30 minutes in contested games–that’s Barford, Macon and Beard. We just aren’t as deep at guard as we have been in the past. I actually prefer to have our best players on the court as long as possible, but I believe based on prior years that Coach Anderson prefers to have more rotation and rest his guards for that final 5-10 minutes of heat. That much playing time can lead to improved performance, but it also can result in being tired at the end. I didn’t see any of those three suffering from being tired at the end of the game yesterday by the way, even in OT.

Herè you go. The bench had 21 pts each against OU and UNC and 29 against Minnesota. Gafford came of the bench against OU and UNC. If you swap Gafford and Trey, you have 10 from the bench against OU and 20 against UNC.