Ben Hicks

SMU quarterback Ben Hicks announced this morning that he is transferring via the graduate transfer exemption. He will have one season of eligibility remaining next season.

One would have to believe Arkansas is a potential landing spot for him. He was the starting quarterback for Chad Morris’ final 23 games at SMU and passed for more than 6,500 yards and 52 touchdowns in that offense. Under Morris he had an 11-12 record as a starter.

This season under Sonny Dykes was his worst statistically in his three years as a starter. He completed 208 of 372 passes for 2,582 yards and 19 touchdowns, and was intercepted seven times. SMU finished the year 5-7 overall and 4-4 in conference play.

He apparently did not like the Air Raid vs. what CM ran while in Dallas.

was also his 1st year without Courtland Sutton and Trey Quinn to throw to, both are in the NFL right now.

We’ve got some shiny new toys coming in for the QBs to use next year, so the familiarity with the offense and the upgrades at WR give some reason for optimism if he ends up a Hog.

I think he would definently know the offense but none of these new WRs do so we would have to take baby steps with them…Hicks does not have a real strong arm very comparable to Storeys and is not real mobile 28 sacks this yr so I think he could be an upgrade just not sure how much…

Ben is about 56-57 percent passer for his SMU career, and can’t run a lick. But he does know the offense and
would be motivated to have a great year for a shot at the NFL. Very Interesting :sunglasses:

If the coach is interested I hope we get him. This new graduate transfer rule seems to be to be a Pandora’s box which
was not expected. I personally tnought it would be rare, but it is becoming common place. I am not sure it is working like they wanted it to.

If Hicks comes I will be very, very curious to see if Ty stays around for spring ball. The staff bringing in “their” guy from SMU would make many people have some pretty serious doubts about how open the competition would really be in the spring.

By contrast, if a grad transfer is not brought in, Ty would have reason to think he could still be the starter next fall, at least for the opening game. At the least he might be the back up. If Hicks shows up, I could see Ty end up as the number 3 QB pretty easily, and maybe lower than that if more than one of the three frosh step up.

yes if Hicks comes Storey will be gone Im pretty sure…couldn’t blame him

If Hicks comes here then if nothing else it should light a fire under the other QB’s to eat sleep and dream the playbook over the off season. Seems like Noland and Storey should both have at least a shot at beating him out from a pure talent standpoint, but they would know that when they show up for spring camp they better know the offense inside and out because the guy they are now competing against sure does.

I do not think Ty Storey will back down from competition.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…I am a little mixed in my feelings on if he comes. For SURE will know the offense in and out but have seen him play and his passing is essentially same as Storey’s and don’t think he is any better of a runner. Not a big eye opener for me as maybe a Buechele might be but does make me scratch my head and go hmmmmmmmmm.

sounds like a mediocre qb to throw into the mix.

I think that having him in the QB room will help elevate the play of the other guys through competition though.
Unless you are of the belief that the guys we currently have can’t do the job and we have to bring in a transfer QB to start next year. I’m not sure what grad transfer QB’s out there would be a better option in their first year in this system than Noland or Storey in their second year though. I’m all for more competition, but with KB not coming, I fully expect to see either Storey or Noland win out and start at QB next year.

Hicks hasn’t faced SEC defenses

He faced UCF in 2017, which went 14-0 and beat Auburn that year. Passed for 283 yards and rushed for 54 in that game.

I think Clay is right. Storey is a competitor and a tough Hog to boot. I would bet he’d stick and get better. A little competition will be good for all of them…

Storey has dreamed all of his life to be the Hogs’ QB. Never discount that in a competitor. No matter who is brought in, I wouldn’t expect to see him transfer unless he is told by CCM it is in his best interest to do so.

Like I said he hasn’t faced SEC “defenses”.

No one here has faced SEC defenses and succeeded at a level that he needs to do to make Arkansas successful.

Arkansas coaches would be committing coaching malpractice if they didn’t at least consider others.

I don’t know if Ben Hicks is the right guy or not, but he and his numbers - good and bad - certainly should be considered.

I love Ty to death as a young man, but I think he gets a pass from some because he is from Charleston and not from Louisiana, Alabama or Texas.