Ben Hicks Vs TCU 2017 game film

I thought this would be a very good game to see how he’s like against SEC type Talent b/c TCU definently had a great defense as we saw when they totally shut us down.

He made some very very nice throws and burned TCU several times but as you will see he makes some very bad decisions as well often forcing the ball into double/triple coverage.TCU totally took away Sutton the 1st round pick so it will be imperative that we have 2-3 others step up.He has decent mobility not great-not bad about average I would say.

The one thing I was really focusing on was this a “up tempo” offense and IMO its not,this is a "no Huddle"offense b/c 90% of the time there was no urgency at all to get lined up fast and run a play, most all of the plays where snapped under 11 sec left on the clock which really not much different than huddling(defense had plenty of time to get set up).

I did like that they broke some good runs agianst TCU b/c they were spread out.I think he can very good if he will learn to take what is given to him b/c as he saw the elite defense will INT the ball.I think he can be of great help to our young guys in learning the offense but I will be honest Noland can make every throw you see him make so it will be interesting to see how much of a real competition it is…


You’re right it wasnt the full tilt up tempo offense & that was his 3rd year in the offense with 2 NFL receivers.
Hicks made some good throws, some under throws, some over throws, and a pick 6.

Yes makes me think we aren’t going to see the up-tempo like I think up-tempo is where it really takes advantage of the defense. They spend a lot of time waiting for the play to be called in give the defense plenty of time to rest and adjust.yes he will have to get being a lot more careful in the SEC.

Clemson looked similar in the early years running the CCM up tempo offense. But once it’s firmly installed and their are some veterans on the team versed in it each year, I think it makes it easier to keep it up to speed with new recruits coming in. Plus Morris knows exactly which type of athletes to recruit to it.
It may be 2 or 3 more years before we see the complete system run as designed.

yeah it will take time b/c none of these new Wr’s know anything about it. Nash and Knox are here and will be further along but it does indeed take everybody knowing and seeing the same things.I know we are supposed to go uptempo this yr but based on this film that is really not uptempo b/c it took about 30 sec to snap the ball.

I looked at a game later on in the yr and they were snapping it quicker so that’s good.

That said, the up tempo (no huddle & running a play with 15 +or- secs left on clock) is probably the final aspect of the offense. 1st things 1st, with everyone knowing the playbook & formations & getting the RPO reads down & skill players in sync. QB & WR getting on same page on pass reads & routes. Same with RB & RPO & pass / blocking schemes & picking up blitzes, etc.
Oline blocking schemes depending on defensive sets, which hopefully should be the easiest aspect.
More I think about it, Hicks could be that field general in the offense with directions & explaining the options as per defense.
Instead of everyone still learning the offense. we should have the most important player knowing & explaining on the fly. Why still need to huddle to confirm a lot of things. As everyone gets in tune, should be able to progressively speed it up over time until it can be run with huddle & no huddle as needed.
Lot to grasp & lot of pressure on the QB to keep everyone dialed in.
It can only run as fast as the slowest player both physically & especially mentally.

I watched the first half and I thought he was pretty damn good…Not perfect but a big upgrade from TY. Im pretty excited about it.

Is the design of the offense to run as many plays as fast as you can, or to keep the defense from being able to substitute? If you are no huddle and prevent the D from getting the proper personel or package on the field, isn’t that accomplishing the desired effect, plus giving your OL a chance to catch their wind?

Up-tempo is designed to catch the defense not lining up correctly or eventually wearing them out into making mistakes. You have to condition your team to be ready for that.

He is a step up from what we have/had on campus… hopefully that means something in wins.

Yes that’s the idea. Run with no huddle as many plays as possible which doesn’t give the defense time for substitutions depending on down & yards needed, while keeping the defense from situational subbing & wearing them down. Instead of running your normal 50-60 plays a game, bring it up to 80-90 or more plays. But it takes time & experience in the offense to run it that way calling plays at LOS & everyone be on the same page without having to huddle. Plus the offensive players have to be physically capable & in condition for it.