Ben Hicks visiting

This weekend. … ogs-today/

I have a feeling this will be the grad transfer we get, I’m assuming he’s a spring enrollee?

If so I imagine they get that all in line ASAP so he is on campus next week.

Not really a dual threat guy, but can sling it. Knows the offense.


Hopefully he has some mobility, because SEC defenses will attack us the same way they did last season. Blitz, blitz, blitz. Until we show we can beat it.
New Oline & new WR’s & new QB.

He’s in between Storey and Kelley in the mobility department.

apparently is at the U of A for a visit and will leave on Sunday, not sure what this means.

Coach Chad Morris can implement 100% of the offense…

If in fact he comes here, he and the WR’s need to click then. Hopefully the oline is much improved. Lot of work to get done this spring for sure.

I think this is probably who we will get. Looks to be a pretty good passer questionable decision making sometimes but knows the offense are better than anybody else. We are bringing in some talented freshmen but none of them know the offense so it will be imperative they learn it very quickly much quicker than the ones did this year

So, what’s the depth chart at QB look like if he joins?

KJ (Redshirts)

If this is the transfer CCM wants I hope he lands here. They sure need key players on offense on campus this spring and summer. I guess we will see.

Someone mentioned that he must get on campus ASAP. Classes for the Spring semester begin on Monday 14 January. I don’t know whether Graduate School has a bit more leeway, but if Hicks is visiting this weekend, then I’m sure there is some paperwork that must be completed to make the transfer official, but I would believe that he can enroll and begin classes without having the formal NCAA transfer paperwork completed. I just don’t know enough about how all that works for transfers.

Because of when Spring classes begin, if CCM doesn’t already have someone else in the queue, then Hicks is his only option this late in the process. I believe he commits this weekend, probably today, if he hasn’t already privately. He must be on campus for Spring training if he is to be effective in my opinion. We can’t afford to come out of Spring camp with questions at that position. CCM must designate a starter at the end, before we get into the summer individual workouts and fall camp. That was a big part of why neither Kelley nor Storey ever clicked early–they continued to share reps well into the season, resulting in disaster early on.

It will quickly be

Jefferson (even if he redshirts)
Hyatt and JSJ


They need to be there and coach and gain chemistry with the young WRs.

I think the 3 top WRs for next year are on campus, Woods, Knox and Nash. Get them coached up and get to where they all click and we should see improvement.

I would add in Burks if his rehab continues the way it’s going.

He is the highest-ranked incoming WR and is a flat out stud.

What it means is that he has to commit this weekend if he is coming. Classes for the Spring semester begin Monday. Not sure whether a graduate student gets much cushion for when they begin.

I would say that if Hicks comes here…

Noland - although I think he is fully capable of winning the job

We’ll see if Hyatt shows back up. If he does, I would slot him at 3 or 4.

I do think KJ gets in at least four games. He’s different dude than the rest of them.

Agree, just didn’t because of the injury and the other two being 6 months ahead physically and mentally.

I think Burks could be really, really special.